December 5, 2021

27 thoughts on “If you plan on moving to Africa, you must be ready for the challenges. How get through the potholes

  1. Black people you are being feed lied, God say he would gather his people from the four corners of the earth and put you in the land.They want you to come and help build up the place, and then they will put you out just like they are doing those people in Israel, they have been there all their lives and they have sixty days to get out.let go to Africa, we can make one dollar and twenty five cents a day. Chosen one does not mean to go to Africa, wait until you are chosen before you try to preach.

  2. This message is very much on point for me. What I mean is this; so many tried to tell me not to go and experience other cultural groups in various countries: UAE, China, Africa etc. Now it's time for me to take my Exodus which is happening now from the 🇺🇸 . It's time for me to grow and do for others in Kenya. I know its work due to my many years in Kenya since 2009. For me its service. I know I've been chosen and not privileged because of the work I'm compelled to do. I'm not traveling a path already made. I'm creating my own for others and I'm the first in my family at 60yrs to do what I'm doing. This has been 10yrs in the making with time, tears, research, and 💰. What your saying here in this video is a confirmation from the most high God. Blessings and Peace

  3. If we can make it here in USA; I don’t think we are scared. Some people are content and do not have goals to change, then we have people who have goals to move, travel and grow! This is just my opinions.

  4. God don't care who have the biggest house or small, his doing his job.God put unexpected person to a position to show how Great He is. So Africa would unite one day, who tought black people in the whole world sites and talk about Africa ,that is a sign.

  5. I will be there in Zanzibar, Dodoma, and Dar es salam Tz May 5th 2021. It is my first visit to Africa and cant wait to visit my motherland. Looking to invest in property and connect with my people. Thanks to your guidance and your shared experiences i am going my original home.

  6. Recently moved back to South Africa from Canada. Can anyone speak to how many Africans here will tell you that you need to go back to the West. Everyone tells me I’m making a mistake. I’ve doubted myself. But it’s a spiritual inclination that I’m tired of explaining. I have no choice but to succeed. We should all have the right to follow the paths made for us, no matter how narrow and tough.

  7. I always say when it's my time to pass, I want to be living in Africa and buried in mountains in Africa, and I believe The Creator showed me he will bless me with that opportunity, but I dont think being called or chosen has anything to do with making a physical move somewhere or not. Those who are chosen will be those who are meek before the Creator in mind & in deed, and those who love others as they love themselves.

    Chosen also has nothing to do with blessings. I do believe certain blessings will follow someone who may be chosen, but those blessing are a by product of someone who fit a standard set by the Creator.

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