I'm OVER "Black Consciousness"!

Everyone just throws around the word “conscious” like a Black Buzz Word. Share a few Pro- Black or Historical videos, have a few rants on Facebook and you are a “Conscious Black Leader”. I’m not buying it…

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  1. Being black is the first problem. You would want to have consciousnesses in this world today, not conforming to all of the norms, but changing this about yourself to get in a better position. No I’m not a Moor, however I am well aware of the down play of ourselves as a community.

  2. She's "over black consciousness" with that deleterious weave in her hair; she says don't be fooled by the uniform, but with that horse or foreign hair, she's blocking her emanations. How can one be over something when the person still wholeheartedly "is down" with the Caucasian standard of beauty? Other than the hypocrisy and the self-delusion of her opening statement, however, she has some excellent points. I personally am tired of just talking about the problem—I want action, too. Most blacks, however, regardless of their philosophy, are ok with being slaves—as long as they're comfortable.

  3. You're So Right Even in that Heat, you wearing WEAVE … 🙄.. I guess it was stopping All that Unconscious Sweating😁 from Washing All that Crap ping make offa yo face. Yeah it's your hair and face😜.
    Put your Umar Spin on the Countless Dumb Nggrs

  4. We as a people have been progrprogrammed to insult each other. We think its intelligent and humorous. How many channels you know of that sincerely praise our people? Money will NEVER make us good. We need Goodness.

  5. I don't understand what kind of "Black Consciousness" you're talking about; but the fact that you're wearing a weave makes me come to the conclusion that you don't understand Black Consciousness at ALL.

    There is completely nothing revolutionary that Black people can do about Oppression without having a sense of Black Consciousness.

    Steve Bantu Biko have said once in his book; of which I wish you read but I know for sure that you won't; was that "The most important weapon in the hands of oppressors is the mind of the oppressed.

    The History of Black people; what they have been through; slavery and oppression; brought some very problematic phenomenon in the Black Community; which are Inferiority Complex and Black Self Hatred; which can be gotten rid of Black Consciousness.

    The people will never be freed or emancipated unless they emancipate themselves; and its only if they're conscious that they can be able to stand up and challenge Neo-colonialism and all sorts of Oppression

  6. Actionless activist that is a good one. Most of what I see is just words, I want to see a movement, a movement to boost our own personal integrity and stepping outside of the fear box.

  7. … Oh, its you Again! Listen, you Fucking deranged black Bitch… what you need to do is Crawl through that Goddamn cell phone and Gobble up this big golden brown Dick… maybe then, you'll shut the Fuck up!

  8. It's all window dressing. What about boycotting stores owned by other ethnicities? Why not come together, build our own and support our own? Black people lack economic loyalty. Every ethnic group in America understands the importance of group economics except Black people.

  9. Black conscious is a good thing. And it has nothing to do with…its a mind state. And to be conscious rather black or universal. It just means to be aware.

    Some valid points were made. And it sounds good but I've heard things like this all my life. Not only from black consciousness but from black ppl period.

    What's sad is cause the real problem is us. We cant get no where cause we cant untie to save our lives. Many of us dont trust eachother rather we want to be real about that part or not. So base on that it will take something…to make us come together.

  10. Yas!!!! You are saying what's been on my mind! I love my black people and I love my black people and I do get tired of hearing about what happened in the past. I and well aware you have to know your past in order to get to your future but it seems like a lot of us are stuck in the past and walking around with a chip on our shoulder but we got to let that go ya'll. We just got to make sure it don't happen again.

  11. The Black conscious community is filled with more pimps and frauds than the church and street combined. I would call them out, but I think we already know who they are especially on YouTube. Also, I agree with you; why do you need a "uniform" to show that you are conscious. It is like a White person who says that Whites are superior. Just as White superiority, being Black and conscious should speak for itself. In case anyone on here tries to twist my words, I never made a comparison between White supremacy and Black consciousness, I am making a point about the social identity adjective psychopathy that runs rampant in all communities. #facts

  12. Ever wondered why bacteria don't attack as soon as they infect you? Ever wondered why they wait until they get to a certain number before they strike? The Black consciousness movement can be likened to this. Quorum sensing love.

  13. I've never seen any conscious group in my time do anything to promote wealth or, mentor Black youth. Yet, they got all this information for you to listen to them..smh

  14. For a lot of you that sat here and believed that you have to follow these "NO-Tep" preachers shame on you. Being conscious is not like going to church and most of us put it in the form of going to church. Consciousness is believing in your self and not believing in a person to give you consciousness.

    Most Black people love following people so they don't have to be responsible for the information that they receive. I've never seen anyone from the conscious community lobby for the rights of Black people but, I've always seen them asking for money to build themselves up but, not the people.

  15. BRO DAVE: IM LISTENING AND I FEEL YOU, BUT YOU DON'T GET THE SPIRITUAL GROWTH AND THE REAL HISTORY OF YOURSELF, which derived, from OUR ANCESTORS . . continue to pray and go harder to learn African history, also may I recommend MEECHE X ✌🏼

  16. So you rather be unconscious….i see. Instead of making and being the change you want to see women rather conform to pre existing philosophies.

    Hence why you never hear of women philosopher except ones that have philosophy on women's rights aka feminism

  17. Who makes valid points but I'm going to stop you right there because it's not just about making you aware of what our past was it's making you aware of our past present and future and reason I'm saying that is not everybody's focus on the f**** past we've been trying to get y'all to leave this Jesus program alone take back your dollars saved your dollars and put your dollars in motion and in to use to wear to work for you and your people nobody ever you going at the m********** suits getting paid for this s*** cuz you you can't be talking about us truth-seekers will making a lot of things known because it's still a lot of facts that people don't know about it and we still trying to get this s*** out in a timely fashion to where we can get you to understand about black unity and unison's you can look at the Marcus Garvey that you can look at the madam CJ Walker as you can look at the Huey P Newton they showed you what black power was it was it was an empowering your people and making your dollars count where it mattered 💯

  18. My sister black people are not poor have they told you the billions billions black people spend on consumer capital
    What they do is mis spend it on wigs for example what most black people Lack is a business education to start their own business and how to wisely Invest your money
    Nigerians for example are very good business minded black people because their parents make sure they receive the right kind of education to succeed I today's modern tech business world most people get money to borrow from banks to start their own business and what black people keep doing is only look mostly in white direction for finance they're are many black or AFRICAN sources of finance
    For example there is very rich Nigerian banker and billionaire who own Heathrow standard Airport what so called black leaders should be doing is making links with these rich black people
    To reinvest in their people and community's
    That's where some of the money is coming from so it's black political leaders that ate failing the community not the world self enterprise black community
    Liberation is knowing how to do for out black selves in Africa America and the rest of the world
    We as black people don't pool out black money amongst each other
    And that's where we are going fundamentally wrong


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