October 18, 2021

28 thoughts on “IMMIGRATING? WHAT TO PACK, WHAT TO LEAVE BEHIND when moving countries

  1. Hi Andrea, thanks for informative video's. Do you perhaps know if it's worth bringing gas cylinders and fittings like camp stove etc? We are also lucky getting a container but don't want to bring things that we can't use and neither sell there.

  2. I’m moving from Canada to Scotland. I’m
    Having the hardest time with packing. Container costs too much. So we will be selling almost everything and buying new there. But I have photos and stuff that obviously need to go. I’m really hoping to have 6 suitcases or less! Ahhhhh!

  3. Great tips and great video, Andrea!! We also brought a 40ft container over (April 2018 – Cost R180 000) chocablock full. Definitely no regrets. I am so glad we brought it all. In fact, often wish we'd brought more. It's so worth it. So, so many people have admired our furniture and commented on how they've never seen furniture like it before. It would have cost us an absolute fortune to replace all our stuff; way more than we spent bringing it over. So happy to have all my familiar stuff with precious memories attached. You need it when your family are still back in SA. We recently moved from Manitoba to BC and the cost of that move was (CAD17000) so almost the same as the move from SA to Canada. Some electrical appliances or gadgets have dual voltage so you can bring those. We brought our TV, iPod docking stations, DVD player, lamps, electric razors, etc. I also regret not stocking up on linen like pillow cases as I have yet to find a pillow case here like the ones in SA that kind of envelope your pillow inside. The ones here don't have that fold over on the opening side so the pillow starts working it's way out of the cover. If that makes sense Lol!! Very annoying. Also wish I'd brought more shoes. Shoes seem way more expensive to me that what I paid in SA. Otherwise, we are loving it here and so glad we made the move.

  4. THANKS for all the wonderful vidoes and great info just wanting to know did you guys go through a immigration agency or direct application on your own also which way is easier and cost effective

  5. My husband and I are finding we need help with the comparisons of shops, for eg. which shop in Canada is like a Woolworths, which shop is like a Pick n Pay, a Checkers, etc.; are you able to give info or do a video on that perhaps?

  6. Wow thank you so much for your videos! Your videos are incredibly helpful and you include SO much detail, compared to other videos. Thank you for all that detail, especially the video at the grocery store. I haven't found any other video about immigrating to Canada with as much detail as yours. You've answered alot of our questions.

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