September 22, 2023


  1. The first time I have seen a seti video that ended with no dislikes‼️ there should Be no dislikes on any video, cause everything is facts✊🏽⛽️🖤❤️💚

  2. This is kind of silly Mr Seti. Sorry bruv, but you are talking out of your ass. The evidence pointes to the fact that the ancients had a GLOBAL society. Thats why there are megalithic structures all along the same ley line as The Great Pyramids of Egypt. Thoth (or at least the idea of him) shared his wisdom globally.

    Literally just go to India before you blow that smoke. China aint so easy, but you can literally fly to India. You have the youtube money, the evidence is right there. I recommend checking out Hampi at the very least. Praveen Mohan has great videos on this, recommend looking him up.

  3. Hello SETI, as always great job. I would love your thoughts on a video I just watch. Odysee,com search spacebusters- video "Atlantis Rising Part 5 Finale : The Origins of Racism. He says some pretty interesting things 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. Thanks. Africa Stands Alone as the World's First. No Other Civilization Should Be Mentioned in the Same Sentence as Africa's Civilization Without Mentioning that Fact. That's Basic World History in a Nutshell. Nobody Does it Better Than Seti… OBVIOUSLY.

  5. Im interested on your take of the 200,000 yr old civilization found(architecture) in South Africa, the researchers noted that there was an Ankh on one of the pillars 👀

  6. What do you think about this large illegal program ran by the fbi called GANG STALKING General SETI.
    General SETI we need someone like you to use your platform to inform people about GANG STALKING.
    This GANG STALKING program is human trafficking done by the government and police and multiple innocent people are becoming victims.

  7. you NEVER hear no one from India, even admit where they got ALL there Mystical Spiritual Knowledge. Yoga, the Martial Arts, and the Mystery Schools still in operation today in India. ALL of it came from AFRIKA'S ancient Nile Valley Civilizations.

  8. Htp. Respects General Seti.. Thank you for your presentations.. In India, The Gupta period was still Black… It was at the end of the Gupta period that the Indo-Scythians started to infiltrate and white wash.. The oldest civilization in India is Harapa.. But the oldest temple is not Mundeshwari… it is was in the ruins of Kosambi 800 BCE (Second Urbanization period (1025 BCE – 320 BCE).. A Buddhist site.. Note- all Buddha sculptures of the Mauryan and Gupta periods are depicted with African features.. It was at the end of the Gupta period that they became white washed.. from there we see the migration of Black Indians into the east Shunga and South Pandya and Chola.. from there we see the migration east asia into Cambodia, Indonesia etc.. Either way there is no older civilization than the Nile Valley (Nubia) and Further into Africa to South Africa (200,000 year old ruins).. Yet, These Dravidian Indians are children of Kush.. but they were infiltrated by Caucasoid Indo-Scythians (Sakas- Barbarians) coming into political power towards 400CE.. From then on they rewrote the scriptures and history to put themselves into history.. but they stole it all from the original indigenous african people who's Dravidian language can be linguistically traced to Nubia..

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