Infinity 10 – Everything Belongs to Consciousness, Nothing Belongs to Me


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Comment (9)

  1. thanks bentinho. the concept of infinity is so simple in definition, endlessness. but it is so hard to fully grasp and feel. The idea that people are part of an infinity opens up those people to a new sense of worth, esteem, and creativity because their are so many possibilities and choices they can make.

  2. this is not a bad exercise to see that everything does belong to consciousness, but the assumption that therefore nothing belongs to me is missing the point. both states are equally true at the same time. like the north and south nodes of a magnetic. imo

  3. Thank you, this information opened so many new doors of understanding… and most importantly now i can reach most important thing what i have been looking for, in life… Peace. Best regards Light4Shadow

  4. Bentinho, but you are Consciousness, or rather, you are ONE with Consciousness, are you not?

    On the other hand, it's not even a matter of BELONGING TO whomever or whatever. when the idea itself is nothing but a human concept, or perception, should i say. However, as an individual, you are generating your own reality, as we are all generating our own individual realities……..whether you believe it's all coming from Consciousness, which, again, you are ONE with (no separation). Thus, in the same manner, everything you experience must be a part of you, which is you projecting as your individual reality.

    Suffering is an experience. It's real. And yet, to another extent, it's not as real; for it is perception we experience – as everything we experience in this and many other realities is perception we generate our selves. Consciousness itself, however, outside the generated physical experience, it does not experience suffering as we perceive suffering. Remember, suffering is a human concept as we generate that experience through our perception.

    And you bet we're all the infinite. This, however, does not make that we cannot generate different types of experiences in our realities including the experience perception of suffering.


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