January 16, 2022

20 thoughts on “Injury/Life Updates. | The path to recovery

  1. Greetings from India!! I m an American Indian living in India. I accidentally ran into your vlog. Isn't that amazing? I m happy that I did.

    I m an IT professional as well as a healer, telepath, and a psychic by birth. I received it from my ancestors from my mother's side of the family. I did healing on you and added protective energy around you. You should be ok now.

    It takes a brave person to do what you did, going back home. I truly understand you. My spirit guides are telling me to tell you not to live in a house where this accident occurred. There was a bad energy their. May Gods and ancestors take care of you. Thank you. I will pray for you. Will wait for your reply.

  2. Hey Tiffany. Just found ur channel. Happy! Glad ur feeling better. I'm a Jamaican living in NYC. I hope to come & visit Tanzania & Zanzibar soon and I may settle there😃 Arusha looks beautiful & peaceful. Can't wait to leave America. Thanks for sharing, I'll keep watching. Peace.

  3. Congratulations Tiffany on your recovery journey. Praise be God. I wish you relocate to Arusha. Its slow and less expensive. Please may you send the theme music 'African beat' on my e-mail: albertmdabuka@gmail.com Thankyou Tiffany

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