September 22, 2023
Inside the FBI Hunt for “Black Identity Extremists”

According to a leaked assessment, “ Identity Extremists” are a new group of domestic terrorists who pose a serious and …


32 thoughts on “Inside the FBI Hunt for “Black Identity Extremists”

  1. The insanity is in the data. The US is 70% white and 30% all others. The majority of extremest are white, it's statistics. The Global population is less than 13% White and 87% all others.

  2. Ferguson riots 8/14
    Davis in Baldwin bombings 6/15
    Ex- black veteran shooting 12 police officers 5/16
    BIE is real !
    You’re delusional if you think otherwise.

  3. Black Nationalist groups







  4. We don’t arrest enough these extremist. He said baffles him to be put in category as people that run planes into twin towers. But your supporting similar activities by someone who killed cops.

  5. Definitely a violent extremist guerilla Marxist-black supremacist organization. The FBI must crack down on these organizations. Their deception originates from Marxist and guerilla philosophy. I would recommend not to blindly believe their lies.

  6. I don’t feel bad I bet this the same type of guy that’s online bragging about wanting shoot police officers and whytee people. It’s about time FBI put them on the watch list. I’ve seen death threats coming from these blazck extremists saying how they want to kill whytees and their families. Hope fbi is keeping tabs on them too. The Racsim coming from blacccs is getting way out of hand. And they post their hate filled views online makinf it easy for the fbi to collect evidence against them!!!

  7. The FBI doing a great job as usual. They didn't even have the recent NY shooter on their radar. He had only been making posts on Twitter and Facebook for years. They tolerate racists and terrorists, but don't you dare say there are only 2 genders.

  8. i'm from the left but to deny there are black nationalist extremists is hilarious. and this kids reporting is a joke. go to school first and read some history books. apologist bullshit. I forgot, black people can't be racist aha

  9. Every time a minority (black) group of people ban together. They are labeled a terroristic threat. But look how long it took for them to announce the KKK as terrorist.

  10. So a hunch based on Facebook posts was used as justification to assume there are allegedly BIEs in the USA?
    How about identifying, dismantling, and imprisoning on a massive scale the actual biggest threat in the USA which is that of the multiple groups of White Nationalist Terrorists , who have currently infiltrated local police departments, actually stormed the capitol on January 6th, while others are still roaming the streets committing targeted mass shootings? The hypocrisy of it all. What a Joke!!!!

  11. Such a proud African🙃😂

    Come back to your home country, we are waiting.
    You guys have no idea how much we laugh in africa about the light skinn cry babies😂
    Sitting in the richest country in the world, having all opportunities but crying.

    Come back and you'll learn suffrage.

  12. I take back standing with this guy. Screw him and his movement. His political education I'm sure is just as ignorant as he sounds. He supports the killing of 5 police officers. He is just another idiot who prob shouldn't have a gun, but we'll see. IDIOT!!! Hope he gets found out before people get hurt by his misinformed views.
    It doesn't seem any different than what they are labeling white groups. That is why whatever your skin color, it doesn't matter. They want all this ridiculous racism highlighted by those with an influence so we ignore the major problems plaguing us all. The second amendment is under attack it seems, and getting together and ensuring our voices are heard in any way that is legal and doesn't use force. We just need to support our rights, no more, no less.

  13. What's crazy is that this happened under Obummer. Aways folks should be careful what they say or do online and be more strategic in whatever they do. God be with balogun.

  14. What's crazy is that this happened under Obummer. Aways folks should be careful what they say or do online and be more strategic in whatever they do. God be with balogun.

  15. Go get um my black bro from ireland.
    Do your detective work on them bad-evil cops ect…
    .. dont 4get there is bad black an Mexican 1s to.
    Hold your own court on them,pass judgement on them and punish them if there is cause.
    please film it as well…

  16. The feds are dirty and will set you up in the streets.
    I don't trust none of them, white libs, white Jews, white wh*res, white hackers, all the same.

    Learn from your enemies, all these war enemies are giving you methods and clues on how to survive away from the grip of the white order tied to the man, his engineer network, and even NASA.

    They spent an entire year trying to destroy my reputation like they tried for MLK, the difference? I'm nobody, my mama and siblings still love me, my child still looks up to me, and no, I never cared about whites and rarely hang out with them, they call me to work for them, and I get to choose if I want it or I don't.

    They can spy all they want and try to use me to boost their image. I won't matter because they didn't leave a stain in history, they left a dam scar in that b*tch.

    They talk about love, but are still assisting in the dam slave trades to this date.
    I ain't never trusting no dam white and white jews from the US, Paris, Netherlands, UK, South Africa, Germany, and Belgium.
    Tell your dumb children they can relay this message like they usually do, F em too, POS.

    Trust the devil?
    Hell no.

    No matter how many demoralization y'all put out here, it'll never work. Kiss my black *ss.

    Y'all can wait I or someone finally further improve the community, you ain't getting in my way with your mind tricks. Take your psyops and stick it up your *ss.

    Don't tell your kids how you use famines to break the wills of nations.
    Your partners ain't immortal and life isn't static, ima enjoy every seconds of this sh** show you created.

    Love and peace, good vibe, kumbaya.
    Make that monetary notes so they can tell you which white they to give it to so they can be the ones to shape reality, the most powerful control for humanity, and not you.

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