May 29, 2023
Inside The Hospital Mortuary


“Dead bodies, they are dead. I’m more scared of the living.” CNA Insider gains unprecedented access to the TTSH mortuary and finds out from its supervisor – Moshien Mohamed, 62 – what it is like working with dead bodies and what happens on the last leg of a patient’s journey.

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When he first started working at the morgue, even though he did not consider himself superstitious, he admitted that he was also a little fearful – that he would “hear some noise”, for example. “But as time went by, the fear went away,” Mr Moshien said. And in all the years since, “nothing has happened”.

He has even inspired his daughter Shahirah Moshien to become a nurse who now performs the last office for patients who pass away while under her care. She says that the last office is significant not only for a patient and the family, but also the nurses themselves, as a symbol of their final goodbye.

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25 thoughts on “Inside The Hospital Mortuary

  1. Thank you to these amazing human beings for working hard each day. My father passed in 2015 and it gives me hope to see that there are still great human beings in this world! 🙏❤️

  2. It's called a morgue, A mortuary is a place where funeral services are held, A morgue is a place in a hospital downtown below where the dead are prepared FOR transport to A mortuary for viewing and later the burial..

  3. 5:25 the 'lost' family usually appear out of the woodwork if they think they have something to gain from it. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. I too will die alone, I have no other family left, I'm the last living member of my family.

  4. Do you need to have a bed remove to the bed and into the shower and be washed not with a washcloth because the patient still continue to stink. They need to use soap and water and a shower.

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