September 22, 2023
Interview with Bomani on Africa Tours, Repatriation & Investments

4 thoughts on “Interview with Bomani on Africa Tours, Repatriation & Investments

  1. FALSE MAN. I remember meeting Ebrima years ago and would often see him "hanging around" so to speak at Sevananda. I was with my partner Zachariah Anderson at the time. We would often stop to talk with Ebrima and I would make sure that we "donated" some funding to him as we knew he was in some challenging times. As a matter of fact, every time we saw him I made sure to "donate" a minimum of $5. There was a time he had a seminar at Sevananda where a donation would get one a CD of the program he was presenting at this seminar. Again, I donated, but, he was out of CD's and told us that whenever he got more and saw us, he would make sure we got one. Every time I saw him he did not have any CD's even when I went to his farm and bought produce and then ayet again donated more. In the fall of 2016 I saw the cd for sale at Sevananda and asked the counter person to call him to let him know I was there looking at the CD, give him my name and tell the story so that I could finally pick up on this CD, but, no one ever called me or followed up at the store or from Ebrima even though I left my calling card with my phone number. Well, it has been years now and still no CD for me even though I had donated hundreds of dollars to the man. He never refused my money, but, refuses to act like he even knows me now.. He is such a weak man at his word. I will NEVER give him another penny nor buy anything that he represents and no longer wish for this CD. Not a man of his word at all. FALSE MAN Took me for the money and never delivered when he KNOWS how to get a hold of me too.

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