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Young Pharaoh Allah is interviewed by Crazy Dee, and the breakdown of Phenotype, who’s human, who’s mongoloid and, who’s neanderthal is discussed here. Learn about the first neanderthals, and more!
Interview by: Crazy Dee, Filmmaker–
Featured: Young Pharaoh Allah
Subject: Phenotype(s)
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  1. Don't forget that they got fish in they D.N.A and probable all other types of animals too. I agree that we aren't all the same, i been telling people that and nobody wants to listen. Also I don't think we all our from Africa.

  2. in recent years we lost some master teachers such as, dr. frances welsing, dr. delbert blair, dr. sebi, dick gregory….

    i can hear all of them in yp teachings. the ancestors are in the ancestral realm guiding us and have passed the flame on to the next generation.

  3. My question is how can us 100% blackened human beings who share and make up only the African American experience and represent only African American and cross cultural African communities without interruption. Because that’s the key. Black people are divine gods knowing it’s us whom are made in gods image. And then they’re made in our image. Black people did create white people apparently then overthrew us through conniving-ness.

    I’m not fully human. Because humans are not fully human. But I am fully human because I’m wholly black. Saying that weird. I’m superhuman to be exact

  4. He is right! It’s not about race.
    Many of the dark of hue people in America ( aka Black/African American) are not Africans. Many of us are American Aborigines and we have different genetic markers from the Africans. This is how the caucasian are able to tell us apart.  
    I wish I could have asked him about that.

  5. YOUNG PHAROH IS A DISINFORMATION AGENT. Black people are NOT chosen. Yah would not favor one race over another, that is NOT the spirit of love. And Yahweh just means God in Hebrew. I saw one video where he said the demiurge aka satan who created Earth before falling from Heaven, was named Yahweh, so he's got people thinking that anyone who uses the Hebrew name for God, because they've done a little digging, and most likely aren't falling for the entire deception, is 'asleep' or on the dark side or something. The name is not NEARLY as important as the BELIEF. The bible even says that no mortal man knows His name. Idiot. This whole 'black people are chosen' nonsense is a deceptionary tactic to lead the black community away from truth and too many of us are still bitter from slavery, that the idea of us having epic revenge by being God's chosen people is a theory people will eat up. But its not true. Hate to break it to you, but God loves white people, Mexicans, and Asians just as much as he loves us. Chosen…lol okay bruh. Focus on God and his love cuz that's the only way out of this matrix and anyone pumping you with a bunch of bs that doesn't help you focus on that is probably just trying to distract you and get you to waste your time watching a million YouTube videos about NOTHING that has to do with SALVATION which is what you should be focused on!!!

  6. But, even in Afrika, people do not look alike. It is not only genetic that create phenotype; each land produce certain kind of features.

    And, really there is no such a thing as one better than the other but just each geographical area has certain abilities.

    Including wealth and poverty, not ALLL who is in Afrika is wealthy. There are lineages and lands that support its people and survival.


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