November 26, 2022

43 thoughts on “Invasive Species Costs Africa $3.5tn, Migrants in Ceuta Africa Returned, Diamond Calls out Forbes

  1. Spain, Italy, Hungary and many other EU countries are having a high youth unemployment themselves. Also states like Germany are not lands of milk and honey. Germans pay the highest taxes in the EU. Rent and electricity are very expensive. Many German families are not having enough money for food by the end for the month (especially since the pandemic). Illegal African migrants are a very big problem. It is too much. That is also why the German government is deporting more consequent now. Denmark even started to deport all Syrians. EU can't take in Half of Africa and the Middle East. Countries like Nigeria, Pakistan etc. need to start doing family planing. (Africas population will double till 2050).

  2. This is my top 10:
    10- diamond platinumz
    09- Fally ipupa
    08- Rudeboy of former p square
    07-Don jazzzy
    06-Angelique kidjo
    04- Davido
    03- Black coffee
    01- Youssou N'dou.

  3. That list is biased as fuck, When I didn't see angelique kidjo and fally ipupa kn the list, I knew it was fuck. Kidjo is richer than half the nigerians on that list.
    I agree that diamond platinum could have made the list too.

  4. Why you guys taking that vaccine. SMH. Why doesn't anyone report on the people who've recovered from the covid or the people who actually can't even catch the covid.

  5. If Europeans stopped exploiting Africa for their own benefit with the help of greedy African leaders, our people wouldn't want to travel to nations that hate us for being black! Rich musicians are not part of the STEM program that we need to forward our nations.

  6. Losing hard earned $3.5T to non African invasive species, is just another form of bio-terrorism from those who oppose progress in Africa. We must change the way we govern our borders, trade, and support the environment more stringently than even the likes of Australia for example. Things will never change, until we the people unite in doing so.

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