March 25, 2023

Internal conflicts in Africa open the door to outside meddling and the disastrous prospect of the continent once again becoming a site for proxy big power wars. We need stronger collective security to avoid this, writes Onyekachi Wambu.
 The ongoing Ukrainian war has raised profound issues about collective security, with implications for our own African collective security frameworks.
 Ostensibly, the Russians give two reasons, one specific, one general, for their invasion – the specific being protection of the local ethnic Russians in the Donbass area of Ukraine; and the general being the lack of collective security guarantees provided by NATO, an argument they have presented over the last 30 years of expansion by the latter. 
Collective security should, as the title suggests, be mutual, offering protection for both parties, they argue. 
One of the clearest ways to secure such mutual protection is to design an architecture that offers undeniable benefits to the…

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