November 28, 2021

5 thoughts on “Is Brother Polight The ScapeG.O.A.T. Of BLACK Consciousness Community?! @RastafariJews @RasIadonis

  1. OPEN REBUKE IS FAR BETTER THAN SECRET LOVE i RAS TAFARI. Yeshua shalom. i and i Rabbi. Jah speed i and i pray in this season of judgement and mercy. His Majesty liveth and reigns and rules in Zion. selah. HAPPY FINAL SEALING i ANCIENT. may i and i be found acceptable in Abba Kiddus Jah Ras Tafari sight. selah. The children of Zion will rejoice in their King

  2. To me I just thought of that picture on the wall in Gondar where satan is leading Mohammed to hell on a camel.. which is completely different to what's going on in every other picture in the building.. but it's there.. jah guide

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