September 22, 2023
Is It Time To Get Over Slavery? Black Liberals vs Black Conservatives | Middle Ground

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44 thoughts on “Is It Time To Get Over Slavery? Black Liberals vs Black Conservatives | Middle Ground

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  2. Until everything is fair and equal in America I think it's fair to not get over slavery. African Americans are a minority by a large margin and still get pulled over by police much more than Caucasians. You can't tell me black ppl are the only ones that go over the speed limit.

  3. They don't have a strong facilitator to manage the debate. When there is not a facilitator there is chaos and disrespect. Unfortunately, human beings can not govern themselves.

  4. Generational trauma. Lmao. I don't think trauma means what you think it means. You aren't suffering trauma for something you've never experienced. Geez the victim mentality. The idea that the consequences of slavery are still effecting society today is laughable.

  5. Obviously, no slavery today I. America, it’s still in other countries but no one talks bout that.
    But it’s dead and gone here, get over blacks. You are not oppressed, you literally are on every platform and black ppl allover the country are free and on top of all platforms of anything. There is a black person that is a positive big deal in every circumstance of humanity in America! Your fine

  6. Let me help. Im white and acknowledge that most groups were once slaves. Black Americans were slaves 170 years ago. Even though I wasn't part of the 1% of whites that owned slaves, im actually in the white group that not only abolished slavery in America but also world wide. I apologize to your great great great great great great great great grandparents. That being said GET OVER IT. The victim mentality is weak.

  7. liberal about misconceptions: that we believe in anarchy… well you all do want to defund to police which leads to anarchy… so that's not even a misconception just the truth the crime rates now prove that.

  8. As a conservative, it made me irritated when Lady Cage said we’re all in America, we should all speak English. While I agree that if you’re going to live here, you should try to learn English to the best of your ability. You should learn the language of any country you move to. Even if you already know English, this is a free country with diverse culture! My mom is from the Philippines and she speaks great english, but she still has the freedom to speak Tagalog whenever she sees fit!

  9. All urban areas are not over-policed. In Detroit, you can barely get a cop to come out when you call them. You wait 2-3 hours sometimes. This is one of the reasons why crime is more prevalent in certain areas because there is not a large police presence. Think about it, if urban areas were over-policed then there would be less crime but clearly that's not the case.

  10. Skin color is irreversible and irrelevant get over yourself. We can all look back and get offended for what out ancestors went thru but that hurts you

  11. " I support the movement, I support the agenda, I support the mission. I just have not always supported the way that mission/agenda was being carried out". Couldn't have said it better myself! This is how I feel about the Black Lives Movement as well as a lot of other social justice movements that have happened and/or are still happening. There's a difference between between supporting the mission/goal and supporting the process/strategies being used to meet it.

  12. What the crazy lady meant when she bought up abortion was how religion influences your political views. If arbitrary stuff like religion, ecomonic status etc are considered acceptable reasons for politics. Why shouldn't race, gender etc? Btw I dont agree with the crazy lady's beliefs as a whole. Just that singular point

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