September 20, 2021

17 thoughts on “Is Moving To Africa The Solution For Racism In America?: The Conversation

  1. what the young man said about want to be part of the majority is correct. being able to go to an african country and seeing yourself reflected in all professions is a new thing for many black americans.

  2. The strongest argument for solving the racism in America is money. The roots of racism stems from money. African-Americans need to focus on acquiring wealth no matter in America or Africa, "Get your own", I believe this is the motto of the Chinese.

  3. But if you want get Blacks Americans and Everyone to see Africa as Place to go is A Real Program Just For Afrocan American Diasporic program that can let Familys and Groups of Black African American Children to go Africa an see Africa for Next Generation of African Americans Diaspora it's all about The Next Generation younger Generation is important because they will Grow up and take care of you guys an Africa Africa Love Afrocan Americans an Afrocan Americans Love Afroca but it starts with Families and the Children the Chinese train there Kids at young Age to be loyal to there own people Most of them For Next Generations youth I Agree it's Steps to just Moving to Africa but African Americans will help Make Africa Great Again Facts Future 💯

  4. Racist people will always be around it's in grain in White People Deep Rooted inside But America can't do it because it's so many of us an not not everyone is meant to go to Africa but The Only way Black Americans would go if Everything is pay for and Setup but I will go to Africa one day I've never been but one day when I get the money I will maybe probably but

  5. I forgot the guy's name but the things he's talking about isn't true at all, talking about how Ghana will discriminate against black people who aren't from Ghanaian decent,
    Our Ghanaian thinking is completely different from yours Brother, that is the difference between us, We love everybody, especially foreigners, So you don't know what you're talking about,
    And trust me I'm a Ghanaian.
    We are really fine without you people.
    We just feel really bad when we see you in America being chased and killed, or crushed by the neck or being killed in your own homes.
    That is why the Ghanaian minister and president has given you the choice to consider if you would want to come,
    but it isn't force at all.
    Many many African Americans has moved to Ghana and are really happy and they say so themselves.

    A man went to Ghana on a holiday from Chicago and called his family after a week that he He is not coming back to America.

    And to the lady who was talking about flashing toilets, give me a break please,
    We do not live in trees, there are many many video vloggers on YouTube talking about the wonderful and positive experiences that they've had in Ghana and they all stayed in places where they flashed their toilets,

    The same white man who is killing you have lied to you that there is nothing proper to find in Africa, just so that you will not even want to be there, but they (The white people) do come to Africa andstay, You can find White people in Ghana, plenty of them living there and they're not on vacation, they've bought houses and living there having a good time.
    Please stay in your wonderful America please but don't insult us. We don't deserve that. Our president put the offer there for those interested, he"s not forcing everybody to come.
    I'm a Ghanaian and I don't get land given to me for free,
    We have to buy it expensive, but you come from a So-called first world Country and they give free land to people like you.
    That is how friendly we are or maybe how stupid we are, ok.
    So ignore the offer please.
    It is not for everyone.
    It is for people who are fed up with the Unnecessary killings of black people in America and we all feel bad about that, that is all.
    We are really really fine, I Promise you.
    Do not worry about us.
    If you like watch this Couple on YouTube Called
    'Bridging the Gap'
    This couple went to Ghana several times and you can hear their experiences that they flashed toilet and the toilet was fine.
    Not to change your minds not at all, but just to hear from other African Americans who went there and actually gained a lot emotionally and and psychologically
    Some of them even said their physical wellbeing improved because they are eating fresh foods and don't have stress. We are okay dear Brothers and Sisters, please don't come to Africa but leave us alone, don't insult us either.
    I couldn't listen anymore after listening to you for 14 minutes, you're all blacks behaving like you're better than us because you're from first world and we're not.
    Enjoy your first world, and have a great life.
    Thank you

  6. Please note this correction to some errors made by some of your panelists. Ghana never awarded any citizenship based on dna results and has never done. You can easily confirm the requirements from the website of Ghana immigration services or even contact them. Thanks

  7. I think that in regards to reluctance to consider moving to Africa because it will be different and one would have to fit in to a new culture – black people would have to find a pioneering spirit to handle this with a vision of a better future for their children (who would belong more) and their children (who would be truly native). After all, Chinese, Indians, and Europeans etc were all able to move to new horizons and find a new life – often a better one from their original homelands. I just felt there was a bit of negativity to the idea from most of the panel, whereas I kind of feel more negative about continuing to hope and wish for recognition and equal treatment for our children and their children. I mean, 400 years of shit treatment just because of the colour of your skin! We need to stop looking to the dominant culture to 'see' us and find OURSELVES, and build OURSELVES up! It is knowing ourselves beyond narratives of slavery and servitude (12 Years a Slave, The Maid, Driving Miss Daisy, The Butler and such which often get Oscar nominations). It is seeing black faces all around us and in government and businesses in a more comprehensive sense – and this from a young age. If you can't move abroad or don't want to, then it's worth visiting or sending your kids to Africa or the Caribbean so they can experience it (at an impressionable age). I just think this would be beneficial for their psyche and collectively for us as a people. Hope this makes some kind of sense – I keep wanting to edit and re-edit it, but may end up deleting because it's not perfect. Sometimes it seems like we're building castles in the sand that just gets stomped on on a regular basis to keep us at a certain level and with a certain mindset.

  8. What’s involved in relocating to an African country? I agree with one of the respondents though that relocating to Africa won’t solve much. Apartheid ended in SA but there are still strains of racism and prejudice in different African countries. A ‘mental’ overhaul is needed, not necessarily a physical move.

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