September 22, 2023
Is the Black Lives Matter movement racist?

In ’s , Black, White & Blue: America 2016, an audience member asks if the movement is racist.


29 thoughts on “Is the Black Lives Matter movement racist?

  1. I am native american and yet when a white cops kills a black man its a tragedy. A white cop kills a white woman and its a tragedy. A white or black cop kills an indian or native american and no one cares.
    Enough with the BLM crap and focus on training your officers. Don't start shit, don't cause a scene, STOP! We are ALL suffering, every color, every race! WE ALL SUFFER!
    Nothing matters because NOBODY CARES! You can fly a flag or have a motto but in the end, God judges our HEARTS!
    You want change? Stop rioting, stop calling for officers to be fired, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Stop treating your fellow man like shit!
    If I hear another story about white on black violence, i'm going to scream.
    Black person gets his rights violated
    white dude framed
    Native american bleeding in the background
    When did America die?

  2. black lives matter is a hate-crime organization that funds Blacks who come from ghetto areas of USA and only funds Blacks that live in USA only and not in Canada or England or UK that face discrimination, they are not typical representatives of traditional African lives, while lives matter and blue lives matter are just as corrupt and hostile as much as BLM but BLM has caused damage to Black owned businesses and made unnecessarily violent values of gangsterism while still also being oppressed by the tyranny of the big system of the country itself.

  3. I am black..this movement doesn't help in any way..sure it helps with some cases of (assumed) police brutality I think….but overall it's not relevant at all

  4. BLM was supposed a space fot BLACK PEOPLE to Unite and Stand Up for Our Community..But it lost its Validity When Other Races began to Stroll and Troll Along and March in what was "OUR SPACE" as if BLACK PEOPLE Somehow Needed Help With Voicing OUR Issues!! Other Cultures DONT KNOW AND NEVER WILL know it means to be Black!!¡💯 Half were asked by reporters why they were marching many responded either they didnt know or they have a Black friend.🤦 In further is was further ruined when other people decided it was shopping spree day by destroying the businesses of hard working Americans.Then In FInal the BLM scammed the Entire Movement With lining their own pockets to buy personal homes and fund the Alphabet Community millions of Dollars given by ALL Races and Cultures..The Movement was an embarrasing failure to every BLACK AMERICAN AND AFRICAN THAT EVER LIVED!!!! Thank You Candace Owens for Exposing Those Charlatans💯💯💯

  5. Ever seen the BLM demands? They refer to white men as 'little dick white men'. they request that any person of the Caucasian race who have abundant wealth or property to give it to people of color. Where are they now after the tragic beating death of Tyre Nichols? Is it because these lousy excuse for cops that beat that young man to death don't fit their narrative? BLM is the most racist organization in America, bar none.

  6. Voglio chiedere scusa!
    Prima di fare qualsiasi cosa si studia una cultura e la si fa propria filosoficamente parlando.
    Non so cosa sia successo al mondiale
    Una cosa la so, avrebbero dovuto dire perchè parlate di blm e non della palestina.
    Delle comunità lgbtq non so un cazzo e non mi interessa saperne un cazzo, che siano occidentali africane o arabe.

  7. As a Punjabi male I can easily say the most disrespect and assault I’ve faced in life has always been by blacks. To act like gang culture and black people should not be in the same sentence is insane!

  8. I’m Native American nd I always said “all lives matter” all that “I see no color” went down the drain after the blm movement I hate how everywhere u go it’s “black man does this” “black man does that” “white cop kills black man” u guys are jus letting them separate us we should be mad at the cops if they kill anyone unlawfully

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