December 3, 2021

20 thoughts on “Is there a SPIRITUAL ATTACK on the black consciousness community? || Wake Up Africa

  1. Thank you Mumbi for bringing up the subject. The War is on since day one., We were just distracted. , All they have been giving to the Hebrew African Man is Sports, light skin Women, Liquor and religion… They fight your consciousness which is the God, in you, they fight God which manifest through your consciousness., That´s what to be chosen means. Leave that Alcohol and churches that they´ve place in every corners in your community, leave them Beckys and Karens alone, time to wake up Hebrew Man…

  2. Yes and we've been knowing it for years now and we're preparing to do spiritual battle, so I ask all to please get ready for what's coming to this plane of existence. We must call upon Pachamama, the Orishas and the Ancestors.

  3. woman am from Jamaica. Am Alvin green I love what u are doing but some Black Brothers and Sisters are loving the suffering that they are in now. it's real we are at war spiritually only our Black God can save us. but we are fighting him off, because some of us are afraid of freedom. my Sister I love what u are doing please keep up the good powerful works u are doing. and I should say u look great pretty beautiful. I would love to have u as my teacher

  4. Two steps forward, four steps back! I'm Always fighting to maintain my sanity! A constant attack from "family", "friends", "strangers", and now this vaccine craziness has destroyed the small amount of decent minded people into fearful rants!

  5. Africa is the ones that sold our ppl…. Africa is about to be Raped by china, and many other countries…. For what they did to their ppl , for selling them… The trouble hasn't start yet…. Yell about to go through what y'all put our ppl through…. China, India and the Arabs alone with the white man is about to unleash on y'all what y'all sold our Ancestors into….. For it was written we would see that place anymore….. Y'all sold y'all brothers and sisters into slavery, and y'all most pay.

  6. I don't know of the situation with YP, but what I saw of him showed that he's too brilliant to vibrate so low spitting excessive profanity without cause such as a defense method. Some energies can attract double edge sword. So blessed with knowledge, but is it coupled with wisdom?

  7. A lot of these ppl accessed just enough to share it with others but never really applied. A lot of their traumas are coming surface right now revealing a lack of shadow work and FEELING into their past hurts. Young Pharaoh has mama trauma. They’re all beautiful men tho, just need to balance that ego by going with in and accessing more of their feminine energy. There’s a lack of love.

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