September 22, 2023
Is This Black Privilege? | WHERE IS BLACK LIVES MATTER? #shorts

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31 thoughts on “Is This Black Privilege? | WHERE IS BLACK LIVES MATTER? #shorts

  1. This is why black people gets a bad rep. You know what your doing is wrong yet you still go ahead because you think the world owes you something.

    Trash will just be trash at the end of the day

  2. At the ballot box on Nov 8, show what you think and feel about the VP Harris' explanation of how the Biden administration, and the Democrat lead federal government, plan for natural disaster aid relief to be based on "equity" with a focus on "black and disadvantaged communities" for natural disasters.

    Is this the America you want?

    How you vote will not only impact every future disaster we face as a people, but the survival of our beloved America.

    You say, "media"
    We say, "Soros!"

    Are they "gaffs" from Kamala, or is she letting their dirty secrets slip?

    She said that Hurricane Ian relief would be "equity based", but before that…

    She says that US is an ally of N Korea…

    N Korea & China are allies…

    Biden says, "The Chinese aren't bad folks, folks"…

    Soros has been efforting the rise of China and the demise of the USA…

    Can anyone guess who the shadow boss at the White House is?

    How many were involved in Jan 6 Capitol protests that were not FBI agents or FBI assets (Whitmer kidnapping plot)?

    How many protesters on Jan 6 were not Democrat activists, BLM, or ANTIFA?

    What of the politization of the DOJ/FBI with the discredited "Crossfire Hurricane", "FISA warrants", and the hiring of Russian spies (Carter Page), not to mention the Mar-A-Lago raid, and the villification of parents as terrorists?

    Over 4 MILLION illegal immigrants have not only been permitted to cross into the US illegally by the Biden administration, but then he had them flown under the cover of night, 900 times to interior states.

    The Biden administration is forcing out Active Duty personnel who objected to "getting the jab" based on religious grounds, one is a Coast Guard member who heroically rescued people in Florida after Hurricane Ian hit, even after Biden called him to thank him for his efforts.

    So tell me, who is actually responsible for actively overthrowing "democracy" and the sovereignty of the United States?

  3. Gotta love the push of hate. This is what the Dems want they make these blk population feel their ok to rip up shyt steal shyt. What the blk population don't see the Dems are playing them right back to segregation. Idiots. Good job Dems. Keep ya slaves a victim. Sigh. Blk privilege is by far it. It's Dems experiment 🥼🧪 to see how far they can let these poc ruin any hope of a further position of the world.

  4. Maybe they were just punishing wawa for the deals never having a start or end date.. "Sizzlies 2/$3.00"…until I go in and …"oh that's over"

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