***I’m sorry about those ads next to my video. The last thing i wanted this video to is advertise exotic gay cruises to the caribbean. smh ***

I know imma lose most of y’all around this topic, but i don’t care. I’m not for any type of violence toward Afrikan men and women, ESPECIALLY if it’s around sexuality.

Points I forgot to mention in the video:

Pedophilia does not equal Homosexuality! The problem with pedophiles is not that they rape and abuse same sex children the problem is that they RAPE & ABUSE CHILDREN. Pedophilia (male and female) should be dealt with accordingly. Pedophiles in our communities are apart of our oppression. They have not checked their behavior and in not checking it have chosen to add on to our emotional & physical scars.

Its easier for our men to become homosexual than it is for them to become revolutionary. Because of our lack of organization and real struggle against this system we have seen a rise in gay activism to which Afrikan men and women flock . Gay Black men are heralded for their gayness because this is something that they can fight for, with homosexual community support. We, in our so called “black consciousness” cast out our brothers and sisters based on our own personal preferences. I ask how does this affect you? In the same token homosexuals should see that gay activism does not render you immune to the struggles of Afrikan people around the world and that struggling for the freedom of Afrikan people is the only way to gain true freedom for yourself .

I also want to acknowledge the homosexual men and women who are already struggling for Afrikan people, because they do exist.. You, in your “black consciousness” want to render their work obsolete because you mad they don’t want to have sex with you.

Understand that i don’t speak from a pulpit of righteousness. I’ve grown up in the same social system you have, where everyone that wasn’t “normal” was a faggot. I can’t say that the image of my women and especially my men in dresses and female clothes acting super duper femmy, doesn’t bother me. But here is what i overstand, I have been conditioned and understanding my conditioning i realize that the problem is not my homosexual brothers and sisters. Fighting them won’t bring change.


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