October 20, 2023
It's the same story just a different name| Black Lives Matter

41 thoughts on “It's the same story just a different name| Black Lives Matter

  1. No one doesn’t even give shit about Muslims cuz there’s literally racist ppl talking shit bout us and china is fucking putting Muslims in concentration camps while u guys just care bout black live matter and pride month and I’m not saying that I hate blm or pride month I’m just saying that u guys are just caring bout them instead of Muslims.

  2. I'm a young white girl who believes in the best in people. I fight for equality in all ways, I'm vocal about it. I'm loving, and protective. I stand up for what I believe in. Being told I'm not allowed to have an opinion because I'm a girl is something I'm used to. I don't stand for it, but I'm used to it. But the anger that some people of color give me just for being white… It breaks my heart. It hurts so much to know that because of all of this pain and suffering, all of these injustices, people I thought were my friends see that my skin is white and they're AFRAID. They don't TRUST me. I've fought harder for them in certain situations than other people of color, but I'm still told I'm not allowed to have an opinion because I'm white. I'm not allowed to care because other white people don't care. It hurts so much to see what generations of pain has accumulated into. It hurts to see people still be treated wrong because of something that I think makes them beautiful.

  3. Ilysm js for this video bc this made my day! I swear I started crying when I made it to the end to this video like tysm for making this bc some ppl don’t seem to understand how much that movie means to African Americans.

  4. I hate the cop in this and how people defend him saying that "oH wElL hE tHouHgT It wAs A Gun, " well from that angle and the way he was holding the hairbrush, it shouldn't have even looked like a hairbrush so shut up. And at my school, there are white kids that try to act all ghetto yet ignore racism and make fun of it. Like you wanna act all ghetto and act how their stereotypes act? Fine, you do that. Do you wanna end up like Khalil just because of the color of your skin? Didn't think so. Stop trying to stereotype black people too.

  5. Every time I watch such injustice, it makes my eyes water and my blood boil, especially when it comes to racism. Stop fearing something you don’t understand, and start trying to ask questions. Be curious about other cultures, WITHOUT judgement.
    Black lives fucking matter ✊🏼

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