September 21, 2023
J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI and COINTELPRO

8 thoughts on “J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI and COINTELPRO

  1. This same people today come around pontificating/preaching freedom. These rogues have stolen, lied and killed innocents not in America but around the world. America is EVIL…

  2. Mary was LBJ's neighbor for decades. After Co-Intel Pro was started up by 1955, Eisenhower started Operation Dixie, which Nixon later modeled his 'Southern Strategy'.

  3. It has extended past poverty. It is now political parties using it against their opponents. And, the tools of COINTELPRO are much better. Now that whites are incarcerated illegally, i.e., Jan 6 prisoners, maybe a sufficient number of people can come together such that real, tangible, and lasting pushback against this tyranny, and it always was tyranny, can occur.

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