October 20, 2021

49 thoughts on “Jabari Osaze and His COVID-19 Antibody Test Results

  1. Osaze your an amazing teacher I've been on this path for as long as I may remember. As the elder gods and new gods Ma'at knows that disease has been around for ions sickness begins with Human beings. Covid has been here for as long as we been here. The thing about this pandemic is that ma'at has clearly shows us that we have disconnected from nature. We are sick people. We need to reconnect deeply within, in order for us to be healthy once more.

  2. Black Man. When you speak negative on SHAKA AMOS, it makes you look bad. And he is older than you. You are doing and have done great things for Black people.. Stand on that work & continue.. Uplift Shaka and that will lift you… Comments that split, splits your followers not grow them…
    Bless & Respect !

  3. Love you Brother Jabari I just started following you everywhere and you are a great teacher and priest I just became conscious about 4 years me and my family and you are adding more to my thinking thank you and you go hard shout out to sa neter TV as well ASE'

  4. Take care brother Jabari! Get back to posting on this page. I’d like to hear something from you to support you on your channel. Been a min. Glad to know you made it thru.

  5. Brother Obari, you are an awesome humanitarian. Vibrate high with your way of life and may "The Most High" continue to be Merciful to you and all believers. Your honesty and compassion are precious commodities in this confused world. Mysticism is the future, everything else is bankrupt. Stay in remembrance of The Most High. The way you are kept you alive. That is truly from The Most High.

  6. Are you still dealing with the "fallout" from having covid? My family and I contracted covid at the end of June. I'm still dealing with some of the "fallout" from covid. I also have asthma so it's difficult for me to wear a mask for a long period of time without having breathing issues and panic attacks. Having covid was VERY scary! I'm glad you pulled through it and I'm glad my family did too. 😊🙏🙌

  7. Much love and respect, me and my wife came to your house unannounced. You treated us great! I even starting crying when you handed me your anhk. We were all perplex. I remember we where talking about the story of ham. It been a long time but i do watch you. Much love and respect what a good Cry. The tears of Ra. Lol

  8. Thank Creator you survived. God bless you and keep you and your family safe. Please keep on preaching the reality of this pandemic. If we re all taking the pandemic serious in south africa, we would have already got rid of it by now. Children are given freedom to play outside. That tells you how other parents perceive the disaster we are faced with

  9. As-SALAAMuAlaikum, Bro. Jabari! I hope and Pray that You will Submit Yourself To AL KHALEEQ-AL WAHAD and Keep that Death Angel off Your Back! As F(rank) Hadeed, I Have Humbled myself and Submitted Myself To AL KABEER AL FATTAH AL MALEEKu Al Kemet wa Al Maasr (THE MIGHTY CONQUEROR of Kemet and The Valley of The Kings)! It is no joke! Kemet is Worldwide and History is Repeating Itself (Pharoah and His Followers Didn't Believe)! I hope that you will Accept AL Bareeth Al Imani (The Covenant Faith-Al Injeel-Al Islam) and l pray that you will become a good Mooslem for ALLAH and His Servant Hagar (Ancient Kemetian Noblewoman, 2nd Wife of Abba Ibraheem)! Please Contact Anytime! If you need Further Personal Proof, Please get The Qur'an Translated by Rashad Khalifa! It is The Truest and Purest Translation Out Today!

  10. Brother, I’m gonna get tested not gonna lie I hope I have the antibodies because I’m one of those ppl that DO NOT trust vaccines I got vaccines in the army I spent 3 almost 4 months sick if I wasn’t in the process of starting a family I would have bugged out and gone off grid thanks for posting this

  11. Happy to hear you are well, just saw a video of you talking about a problem you have or had with a gentleman name Garfield , I don't know if this is old or new but I want you to be encouraged and To take a page out of the book of your Teacher John Henrik Clarke, you should only debate with your equals, all other's you teach if they are willing to hear. Be safe my Brother.

  12. Thank you brother jabari for sharing thank you for your strength. My wife had the virus, but praise be to Olodumare and the ancestors that it was very mild. Continue to grow strong and continue to live fearless. Knowing is half the battle. Ase!

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