January 28, 2023

42 thoughts on “JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI WATER CRISIS!! A DAMN SHAME!! #GeneralSeti #SaraSutenSeti

  1. Yeah because them rich black ppl fixing up JACKSON buying land fixing up old buildings that ain't been touched since the early 1900s they o hell naw we tried the stuff they put in tooth paste and niggas love water more than ever let's jus hit they water they ain't gone even wanna get in baths with the water they will go back to where they came from and they can take the rest of these niggas from here with y'all lol

  2. Man I just figured it out I've been wondering how come white people talk to black people crazy knowing they're going to get there ass beat and it dawned on me if I was white I would never let a black person talk crazy to me look how weak we are as a race there is no black leadership or real power on the planet why wouldn't you talk to those people crazy

  3. Might as well MOVE PRAY TO GAWD ASK HIM MY BET ON THE SO,get some water out the creek boil it to make safe to drink tis water flows from Emanuel viens,i seen to people bathe ing n the creek some people live n a van down by the river wash ur clothes go swimming times is hard god4bid it's gon get harder we gon have to join together 25 – 50 people living n 1 house like the Mex gon have to go back to sitting n each other lap riding n the cars.getting god4bid close to a 2nd world city god4bid we become a 3rd world,GOD BLESS STOP IT FROM HAPPEN

  4. I apologized to my two beautiful daughters for bringing them in to the world due to the harsh times we bout to be faced with…it's time to wake up and be informed so the strong will survive.

  5. The problem is black people continue to live under a hateful racist government there will be no peace until black folks do for self and be forever vigilant as long as the white race have power over black people they will be in constant danger 🔥

  6. This my city it has been like that starting back 30yrs ago but General you ain't lying about that. Yep they don't care I go back home to visit and the water bills are high. They don't care at all cutthroat game.

  7. Strange how the "adversary" would leave us (a.d.o.s) in a food desert of dilapidated infrastructure flowing out toxic water and dangerous gases.
    But at the same time putting up the strongest 5G antennas, allowing the most potent street drugs to be trucked in. And most of all ensuring everyone in the community get their C/19 vacsn or not go back to work!!?!?

  8. We're going to have to push our children heavily to civil engineering and building trades. Yes many of them have college degrees already and that's awesome, whatever skill set you have you must consider it's importance to nation building.

  9. according to reutters it would cost 1.5 Billion to fix the problem in flint , according to politico the first package to Ukraine was 3 Billion , they could have fixed the water a long time ago plus they basically let the people responsible off the hook, this is chemical warfare!!!!

  10. They gave 3 billion dollars or more to Ukraine and something like this is going on in this very country … America aught to be ashamed to see it's citizens having to live like this … Spending time to help another man's foundation while yours is crumbling before your eyes is unwise … We must watch, learn and even help out
    … Because this can happen to you and your love ones at moment … Staying on those in position and Learning What to Do can help build preventive measures

  11. I got love for you but I'm from California we don't care about no damn water in Jackson Mississippi Deion Sanders out there lying to the world acting like he like that job he got the money to fix that it's real simple work with me

  12. I remember that cartoon 😆😆😆💯 and about a week or two ago I seen dirty water running through Georgia and it was not raining here. The creeks was full of rushing dirty water. I believe it was the Mississippi water.

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