September 28, 2021

31 thoughts on “Jamaal Ali On Arab Slave Trade, Repatriation & The Obama Presidency

  1. Yeah! This is an eye opening experience for , I knew a little bit about the Arab slave trade but now I know even more , so everyone who was involved in the slave trade made 💰 from it and these folks are still profiting from this same system today in 2020 😒.

  2. Awesome message from Brother Jamaal Phil is really educating us and giving us opportunities to make our decisions to go back to Africa or the Caribbean and try to grow where we are

  3. The reason it still goes on the way it has is because black people will fall for anything they say. Black people can speak truth about our truth and most of our own will look at you sideways but let one of them post a video on our truth and our people will kiss ass all day. We gotta stop that and we gotta remain on code.

  4. Right now it’s seems that black people are super oppressed, depressed, any kind of ‘pressed out there. It is a human issue though and I support BLM because that’s where the fire is. If it were other people I would still be there to support equality and kindness for all.

  5. Arabs institutionalized Slavery 1000 years before America was even founded. Their Prophet bought, owed and sold Black African people years before people know about the new world.

  6. Africa will develop fast mainly because there's no old infrastructure to rip out and ppl don't get how amazing that is to be on the ground floor. That's the seed of generational wealth right there. We'll start with the best available but like Phil says, you gotta go where you'll thrive

  7. Thank you! Really appreciate this video… afroperspectives dot info also offers a LOT more research and solutions relevant to many the exact same topics discussed in this outstanding interview… HEAL AFRICA and it will HEAL THE EARTH!! PEACE to ALL mankind!!!

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