September 22, 2023
Jamaica, Antigua & Barbuda May Cut Ties to British Monarch; Renew Call for Reparations for Slavery

We look at how the death of Queen Elizabeth II is prompting former British colonies in the Caribbean to replace the British …


30 thoughts on “Jamaica, Antigua & Barbuda May Cut Ties to British Monarch; Renew Call for Reparations for Slavery

  1. Good luck to Caribbean nations who want rid of Royalty !
    If only we had a Robespierre like the French did !! To be honest : I doubt it will make any difference to the Economies
    of the islands but at least will mark a new start .!
    The so called " Royals " are a laughing stock! ( ps I'm British )

  2. It's horrible what the Royal Family and Britain did to the countries and nations and Islands they committed their brutality and atrocities on.

    Their pompous rituals and ceremonies and crowns of glory and bowing down to them while they sit in a chair is sheer BS.

    Who even came up with this white Supremist custom.

    The Royal Family considered the African, Islanders and Indians as peasants and subjects.

    Queen Elizabeth was well aware of the brutality and atrocities her regime committed in the name of the Commonwealth.

    Queen Victoria was a part of it and groomed her daughter for her position from a young girl. It was a given. They felt and knew it was their birthright.

    I never felt anything for her or her family. They were prejudice and racists in every way.

    King Philip's sisters married Nazi men.
    It was in him too.

    The Royal Family has German roots too.

  3. Yes!! The Caribbean should ban together to help end corruption, Poverty and increase better living conditions for the Caribbean people. I'm a black American and always wonder why we as black people always fight ne another. Here we are help building other countries up and not doing much to improve the island in which we as Africans were brought to. We as displaced Africans, NEED to do more to better he conditions of Africa!! Is it only when we are forced, whipped and Raped that we build up our Nations!! We should not have to be forced to do better, want better and achieve better for ourselves and our neighbors!! It's not just in America but in our Motherland and Caribbean nations we as Black people are not living up to our full potential as Queen and Kings! We should be the ones to set the tone of Brotherly Love and Self-Sufficiency. I want t go to other countries and share what I have spend what I have, but will me and my children feel loved and safe. Yes, Caribbean Nations unite and stand strong!!

  4. Are we also hold responsibility for African nations that sold other Africans into slavery during that time period? Our are we just blaming the European countries for slavery? I'm just asking some questions folks πŸ€” .

  5. Time to leave the Commonwealth. Time to abolish monarchy. Let the Brits have their king and queen. Monarchs are out and irrelevant. Let’s face it, what did the Queen has done to improve the lives of those citizens? The answer is a big Nothing.

  6. Muta, at the age of 65 + , I spent many years I church and over 40 years I've come to know you based on what I have seen and heard from you, pastors study the bible and uses it like an installation manual.
    But by listening to you I have come to the conclusion there will never be another Muta Baruka

  7. When finished ridding these islands of the heinous history and current impact of these creatures called the British Monarchy, on the particular islands being considered in this interview, they might consider going over to Haiti to help the peoples of that island to rid itself of the toxic, murdering, parasites called the French who are making Haiti pay for living without their disgusting presence! Yes, you heard it right, France is forcing Haiti to pay them a massive tariff for being absent in their day-to-day lives. It is time for the west to be removed from this planet! The entire history of western Europe is none but pure, mindless, Savagery!

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