August 12, 2022

28 thoughts on “Jamaicans Rejects British Royal Visit but Demand Slavery Reparations Instead

  1. A message for all nations be aware of the u.s.a. don't you ever think the u.s.a. is a champion of democracy, human rights and liberty. they are not and they have never been. today, what pompeo and trump did to china is not a funny tit for tat. bolivian president evo morales bring light to the world at the united nations security councils. let truths burns all american’s lies. in this diplomatic video recording, you can witness that it makes both the devils pompeo and trump looks very ugly in their faces. bolivian president evo morales declared at the un security council that there is no way the united states of america upholds democracy, human rights, and justice in the world. each time the united states invade countries, launching missiles, or finances regimes change, it does so behind the propaganda campaigns, which incessantly repeats the message that they are acting in the cause justice, freedom and democracy, in the cause of human rights or humanitarian reasons. the united states financed coup d'etats and supported their chosen corrupted dictators to place them into developing nations, and they threaten other nations that do not buy into the u.s. foreign policy with military interventions. and then boldly recklessly threatening the international criminal court to cover up their crimes. click in to listen more on how the u.s.a. violates all international laws and international liberal order. kindly spread the message, thank you. bolivian president evo, a brave one who dares to risk his life in defying and speaking out against the tyranny and dictatorship of america today – an evil military superpower also an unimaginable evil empire – who has brought havoc and chaos throughout the world as well as untold suffering and sorrow to millions of peoples in asia, africa, south america not to mention the middle east. must click in to listen:

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    This is an amazing video of a rare and truly remarkable leader

    Zelenskyy Wanted Nuclear Weapons, India Old Friend & Strategic Partner | Sergey Lavrov EXCLUSIVE
    India SHTH0LE? India’s ‘daughter’ destroys US professor's supremacist attitude | Karolina Goswami

  2. Slavery is not to be forgotten
    But the truth is the truth the African got democracy education an nation to maintain African was given a chance at freedom in the west

    Thanks to the British still no thanks
    African need to look at the bigger picture

  3. Are you British ? Effective today, never go to Jamaica, and don't spend one penny buying goods from those who hate you. Places that like British money are all over the world, and are much more friendly.

  4. Now that we know Jamaicans hate anybody who is white, we'll not be spending money in their hate the British Jamaican restaurants, or hate the British tourist shops, or hate the British city tours, or hate the British taxi services. In fact, we just will not come to Jamaica and simply spend our money in tourist countries that love the British. Jamaica should be boycotted for their hatred !

  5. Those who enslaved other black or white people are long dead and buried. Pay reparations to who ? Why should modern people, many of whom are unrelated to anyone in the slave trade pay for something they didn't do ? Sorry people, time to move on. Forcing those not guilty of anything, to pay something to people who were not slaves, or the millions whose ancestors were never slaves is not fair or realistic, and is never going to happen. JUST ONE EXAMPLE, IM WHITE, AND MY FAMILY CAME FROM SOUTH WALES, WHERE MY ANCESTORS WORKED THE COAL MINES. WE WERE DIRT POOR, AND NEVER HAD SLAVES. WHY SHOULD I OR MY ANCESTORS, PAY ONE CENT FOR SOMETHING NONE OF US OR THE MILLIONS OF COAL MINERS, OR OTHER POOR WORKING CLASS HAVE ANY CONNECTION TO ? REPERATIONS ? TAKE A HIKE, WERE NOT OBLIGATED OR REMOTELY INTERESTED !!

  6. Agreed! 😀

    Also… Please research 'narcissitic personality disorder' (NPD) / 'cluster-B'; and know that they are the 'root of all evil' (especially 'ESFJ/ESTJ-narcissits'; Myers-Briggs reference, look it up)!

    European 'ESFJ' are the worst personality type, and they are responsible for inventing 'racism' and colonization! It is in their neuro-psychology!!

    The are extremely 'manipulative' and often use 'looking pretty' to distract others from the witch's mind-games / mind-rape, e.g. gaslighting, playing the victim or damsel in distress, creating 'flying-monkeys', and paying others to attack (or at times kill) someone for her. When caught, she will use her minions as scapegoats. European ESFJ are notorious for this especially in a racist context, e.g. Elliott Till.

    ISFP (and ESFP) are the most complicit, narcissitic-enablers. ISFP also tend to be 'oblivious-codependants' (look up the definition).


    Evil personality: ESFJ, ESTJ

    [Secretly] Evil and narcissit-friendly gunts/flying-monkey: ISFP, ESFP.

    ☝️All of them are secretly emotionally-disturbed, hence their need to create conflict (and at other people's expense, truly evil).

    Spread the word! Thank you.


  7. By all means get compensation and then Jamaicans should go back to West Africa after paying Britain for the infrastructure built for them. They should then give Jamaica back to the indigenous Indians who were the original owners. That will be justice!!!

  8. Inhuman treatment of Black peoples despicable. Even this century still if they could they would have done it again.
    I hope our brothers stand fir themselves and NO MORE INJUSTICE ON YOUR LAND BY THE WHITES.

  9. Yes everyone needs to stand up…also tell the real history, the Windsors are illegitimate… Brexit was the end of "Great Britain" I mean London was dubbed Londongrad… politicians have sold the country to rich UAE investors and Oligarchs and with the current global shift of Black Oil, I don't think people will hesitate to ditch UK or USA for the Yuan

  10. Greetings nefer praise yah,
    Gentile time is OVER.
    They still live a GLASS mind of mine. Trying hold on to this imaginary supremacy, harmed
    so many people world wide even their own.
    What ever is written so BE it.

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