September 17, 2023

So apparently, entertainer is gravely sick in hospital suffering from an unknown illness. However, rumors are that he was the victim of an assassination attempt. The million-dollar question is by whom and for what? Since we here at Afro-conscious media don’t play the conspiracy game, we suspect that is more likely a victim of his own misadventures with drugs.

Social media is the best thing since sliced bread but unfortunately, social media is amplifying the bad side of human nature more than the good. The bad side of human nature is to be unaccountable and then sugar-coat that unaccountable behavior with things that make us feel happy inside. One of the best feel-good things to come along for Black people since the end of slavery and colonization is victim mentality.

Don’t get us wrong; victim mentality is justifiable in numerous circumstances. Unfortunately, victim mentality has become so obscure that Black people are now willing to apply it to our own interactions with one another. That leads us to the “who and why” of the Jamie Fox situation. Apparently, the “who” is P-Diddy and the “why” is because Jamie Fox was about to expose P-Diddy for belonging to a homosexual cult.

First of all, most of these people on social media talking about Jamie Fox assassination conspiracies don’t know or choose to over-look the lifestyles of celebrities. Most, if not all celebrities including our favorite Black ones engage in immoral activities such as experimenting with all sorts of drugs. They all engage in and sexually deviant activities, and they all belong to one secret society or another for protection and to maintain their status.

Jamie Foxx has admitted to organizing parties just like P-Diddy in which multiple sexual encounters between men and women and men and men is a normal thing. It is also no secret that Jamie Foxx slips in and out of the beds of ’s richest white women on a regular basis. Finally, Jamie Foxx has admitted to having a substance abuse problem that began in his teens. Therefore, he depends on Alcohol and Drugs to help him project a self-confident image of himself to the public.

When Jamie Foxx ended up hospitalized a few weeks ago, victim mentality conspiracy nuts began to go crazy on social media spreading all sorts of rumors about what they think happened to him. No one ever says to themself that maybe Jamie Foxx’s misadventures with drugs caused him to have a Stroke. Nah, that’s too simple and boring. More fuel was then added to the fire by other Black celebrities who were either once on the inside and fell out or hate P-Diddy for the power and position he holds in the Black entertainment industry.

We’re not huge fans of P-Diddy and his unconscious lifestyle but we have to wonder why Black people love to tear each other down the way we do. Comedian Bernie Mac once said that a wise man told God that he had a question that he (God) couldn’t answer. When God said “try me” the man asked, “when will Black people find unity?” God has been silent regarding Black people ever since.

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