September 29, 2023
Jersey City/NYC Black Hebrew Israelite Attacks: Project Megiddo COINTELPRO

On October 20th, 1999, the FBI declassified the “Project Megiddo,” files. The operation was created to monitor, infiltrate, and destabilize “apocalyptic cults,” and possible “extremist,” groups arising in the 21st century. Among the listed radical extremist groups, the Black Hebrew Israelites were listed as a “violent, hate group,” capable of executing “murderous crimes.” The project explores the inception of the BHI movement starting with Yahweh Ben Yahweh, then classifying him and his followers as a “cult.” What this project’s real covert agenda was actually about was creating Hebrew “camps/congregations,” that were FBI, COINTELPRO funded to mislead the masses and to lead true Negro Israelites, astray. Fast forward to 2019-2020, there have been a rise in “anti-Semitic,” attacks on the East Coast from “Blacks.” In this video, I decode how the khazarian, Talmudist occult has contrived these false flag, fake news stories to make Hebrew Israelites seem as illegitimate. I do not identify with the FBI COINTELPRO camps I have listed in this video; nor am I an “extremist.” I am simply a Hebrew Israelite who follows the Torah-Tanakh and knows that Negroes are the true descendants of the 12 tribes of Yisra’el. I simply decode the Kabbalah and how the fake “Jews,” have deceived us —— AHAYAH’s TRUE ELECT; and the rest of the world.

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