October 27, 2023
Jesse Triggers Black Lives Matter L.A. Activist (Highlight)

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In this episode highlight of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson interviews UC Berkeley Ph.D. candidate and activist .

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is a weekly TV talk show hosted by Jesse Lee Peterson. The program examines human nature and relationships in an honest and open manner and goes places that no other show dares to go in pursuit of Truth and enlightenment.

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29 thoughts on “Jesse Triggers Black Lives Matter L.A. Activist (Highlight)

  1. The fat black man is doing well under the racist white culture. You don't get that fat by being ENSLAVED, you only get that fat by having too much money to spend on MacDonalds!

  2. First off Black Lives Matter there’s nothing but a terrorist organization that launders money the fat black lesbian bought like six houses she claims to be a Marxist but when confronted with that, she said it’s the American dream so now that she scammed millions of dollars she wants to live American dream and what has Black Lives Matter done for any Black people how much money is that been donated to low income neighborhoods not one damn dime

  3. Over educated and educated wrong. The man could be so much more but he looks like the King of Queens but in worse shape. Don’t believe he has ever worked a man’s job

  4. Sooooooo…..right…..uhhh….listen listen…..uuuuhhhh….ummmmm….right….soooooo.

    He's SO pithy and succinct and clearly able to express his views….NOT!

  5. So BLM only matter if it's state sanctioned violence, according to this HACK, huh? So MULTIPLE black on black crime events, shooting each other assaulting each other etc., 13% of the population committing 90% of the violent crimes, thousands and thousands of aborted black babies yearly, black owned businesses burned to the ground by black activist terrorists, the destruction of the black family….NONE of that matters because it's not "state sanctioned"…according to this blind FOOL.

  6. Serina Willaims had a relatively common complication from pregnancy and was treated; what's the issue. My white wife had the same condition; the doctors initially missed it; they eventually treated her, and she survived. We didn't even blame the doctors; things are missed, Doctors aren't psychic and they got there in the end. Stop playing the victim; everyone supports the basic premise, and you achieve more by being reasonable.

  7. You know what I find interesting about people like this guest, They are quick to say they are not capitalists, but they won't admit that they're socialists. Another video a priest admitted he loved black people but when asked if he loved white people he had to Pause why? What is the agenda? You see all of them do this it's amazing!

  8. “Time out” 😂 look at this person’s need for control. His oppressive hand movements, his suppressive gestures and and his aggressive body language. He thinks he can control others, and I bet it works with weak minds, but this Marxist ideologue is a liar, manipulator, and abusive in his relationships. His perversive nature shines bright. If you (the guest) read this, it’s important for you to know that you’re nature and intentions read loud and clear to anyone with a clear mind. I pray that you have woken up since this interview. At the point of this interview it is clear that you are an evil person.

  9. After seeing this entire clip, It’s hard not to dislike this guest’s personality to the brink of hate. He’s very easy to dislike. However, I feel more empathy for the amount of misery he most likely lives in. And I genuinely hope he wakes up out of his self-imposed intellectual oppression.

  10. his time out chat was getting on my nerves-how can a privileged berkley graduate tell lets say sum1 from south central la how to solve there problems???

  11. This is the result of bringing unintelligent people into elite colleges.. they think their unastonishing ideas are ground-breaking and their stupid views are intelligent. It's difficult to watch

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