January 16, 2022

35 thoughts on “Jidenna – Getting Evicted Led To Moving To Africa & Our Abusive Relationship With America

  1. Thank you bro for that great speech. Black Americans must realize that you can't be free if you don't know who you are, where you come from.I encourage some of them to do their own research about the mother land,not what the system is making them believe

  2. I believe in Africa and I believe in the work of Donald Trump. Dont believe the Hype Trump is not the real enemy of the people, the real enemy has been giving African Americans the Judas kiss for decades now.

  3. And that was my concerned was someone robbing me because I'm American and having to constantly bribe People Are People adding on a fees because they feel like I'm American and I have money taking advantage of me because I'm a black

  4. Third world countries are typically painted more negative than positive, don’t take that positive. Nobody is trying to prevent blacks from going to Africa, how many have a passport to travel? Stop with the exaggeration.

  5. My brothers & sisters are suffering aboard cause we are suffering here home too – Africa! We are suffering from bad leadership, leadership that was shown to us by the white man which was to divide and rule. We are deeply divided by ethnicity here and sadly we not embracing our diversity and uniqueness in the vast culture we have. . . We need that connection and unity to rule over ourselves! AFRICA FOR AFRICANS HOME AND ABROAD

  6. I wish all of you the best moving to Africa. My DNA is Africa, First Nation, and Scotland, but USA is my culture. I am not happy with what is going on, but it has been the home of my family for 5 generations. I do understand why you want to leave, and have left, but please check the poverty and prisons of where you want to move, for it is all on YouTube, including the USA!

    God bless and keep you happy, honest and safe.

  7. IF black people( people of african descent )was unified and ready to make history an create generational wealth , we could get 10,000 black people to invest a minimum of 250$ each month for 4 months or ,that’s 10 M$ in spending power. We could then take that to a country like The Gambia. 10M$ in The Gambia would be more like 15M$ due to the value of the dollar and it being a cash society.We could acquire land and open businesses and employ locals a few businesses in grave demand would be …

    1.cement manufacturers, lumber manufacturers, lumber services, Semi trucks

    2.Commercial farming and fishing exporting through out the continent

    3. Recycling factories rubber, glass,scrap metal, and also fish processing to create fish oils

    4.Riverfront communities with luxury amenities for guest Time shares for investors

    5.Manufacturing of furniture and other household goods

    6.Commercial Laundry Mats

    7. Create a Financial Institution where we could invest in the locals of African Descent and their businesses in terms of growing the gambia

    8.Providing electronic products and internet services( Used and new phones, tv, gaming systems,)

    9.Auto Sales/ Auto Mechanics/ Auto Parts store

    10.Crude oil plants which is in virtually everything – https://www.ranken-energy.com/index.php/products-made-from-petroleum/

    11.Investing in a education institution that primarily focuses on Technology, Sciences, and Math

    Each increment of 250$ would act as a share. ultimately getting paid a percentage off all profits. Ultimately the goal is to force the chinese and other people that’s (not of African descent) out of business. We could organize a FB group and advertise to other streams of social media to draw support and or interest. If your reading this ,comment your ideas and if it sounds achievable!!

  8. FINALLY!!!. this should be the mindset of all black Americans. there is absolutely NO REASON to be proud of the American flag as a black person. that flag has caused you and your ancestors more pain than anything else. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! take a leap of faith

  9. Any African American with only good intentions of starting a great life in Africa, contact me, am part of a strong group trying to start some great in Uganda.

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