March 25, 2023
Joe Asks Former CIA Officer Mike Baker About the FBI Trump Raid

41 thoughts on “Joe Asks Former CIA Officer Mike Baker About the FBI Trump Raid

  1. Once C.I.A., always C.I.A. We get it Mike, you hate Trump. If it was justified, then why hadn't Biden been raised also because the Classified Doc's Biden just got caught with are from when he was Vice President and has NO AUTHORITY to even have them in the 1st place! Still can't remove your own bias can you u Mike?

  2. Funny how he was just recently on and when asked about bidens files. Oh every administration does this and has files. They won't be knocking bidens door down. Hypocrite. Unfortunately I'm sure many cia and fbi think the same which is a problem. Both sides need to be held to the same standard

  3. This didn't age well… Biden was Treated way differently than Trump & Biden was only a V.P. w/o the Ability to Declassify & located in up to 5 Locations. Trump was President w/the ability to Declassify & in 1 secure location the DOJ knew about before the REDICULOUS Raid while President Trump was in N.Y.C.

  4. This didn't age well. Biden worked with DOJ not to release this Information before the Mid-Terms & has withheld the many locations the Documents have been with 1 being a CCP Funded Facility & his son having access to them while working with Foreign Countries & Companies. Very Messed Up.

  5. First, Trump did not pack those boxes, and Trump's staff did not pack those boxes. The GAO packed those boxes.
    This was a political maneuver by the senior FBI guys at the DC office. The local FBI office did not do the raid. And Trump had those boxes in a locked room with a lock the FBI told him to use.
    All presidents go through this with the national archives because it is the ex-president that is responsible for his presidential library.
    The FBI didn't do this with Biden and he had documents going back to when he was Vice President and some documents even before that when he was a senator. And none of the documents Biden had were in a secure room. He might lock his garage, but that doesn't make it secure enough for classified documents.
    This guy took a lot of time to say nothing and came off looking like he was trying to excuse a two tier justice system — a free pass for Democrats and the third degree for everyone else.

  6. WTF!!! You can't just give a straight answer, Mike? Trump has been out of office for almost 2 years and he still has classified documents in his possession that he's not entitled to? How is there any gray area whatsoever in assessing that situation?

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