July 5, 2022

26 thoughts on “Joe Biden's Real Thoughts on Africa During Apartheid Debate Revealed

  1. Are for real these people HUMANS !!!?!!! From millennium , since they invited the evil christianity with pilote " jesus – christ" , the whole entire complete and absolute can't live in peace !!!!!! Slavery , Apartheid , Colonialism , Demon- Crazy ……just a damn few to quote , ….People on earth are begging them to live them in peace but they can't even flinch …..From the 4 corners of the earth are pushing , reclaiming , asking , demanding , fighting for same things against ONE RACE of people , is it normal …!!!! ……Is. SATAN a being called MAN who is oppressing the whole entire planet earth or what !?!!??????!!…..Do not get mad at me , it is for real !!!!!

  2. Then he changed. I really think they take them some how. Hyjack their bodies to do what they are told. They are not them anymore. They signed contracts. Sold their souls. They clone them. Look it up.

  3. I don't know why we Africans love our solidarity in the comment section but in real life, we are our own problems. Everybody stop commenting nonsense and prove what you have for the continent. Biden at least tried his best in the 1900s what have you done for mother Africa? Ask yourself before you roast someone just because he is white, the video clearly shows he had somehow empathy for black people. Start respecting your fellow Africans and build your own legacy! Don't act like a lion in the comment section prove the lion inside you in real life!!!

  4. White South Africa and White America had their knees on our necks for decades and the cry "I can't breathe"was being said all this time, but now it's different because BLACK LIVES MATTER.They can no longer turn a blind eye and continue their oppression.We shall overcome by the power of God.Joe Biden's words came straight from the heart.

  5. I hope this blinking idiot is also ashamed of the people he helped get into power in South Africa. I hope he is ashamed of the fact that South Africa now stands firmly on the side of China and Russia. I hope Joe Biden is also ashamed of the thousands of white people killed over the last twenty-five years, the destroyed economy, the joblessness and the fact that South Africa is now turning into just another failed African state run by ex-terrorists.

  6. he said this while simultaneously signing bills in america to lock up and persecute poor black people to keep them out of his neighborhoods out of jobs and in prisons. neanderthals are our enemies. i dont care what they say

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