December 7, 2022

31 thoughts on “Joe Rogan – The Truth About Psychic Powers

  1. I have ADHD and constantly have trouble getting my point across because I’ll have thoughts that branch out and I feel I will forget them so I spew out way too much and end up sounding like Alex Jones. It makes sense to me but rarely others. Of course it comes in waves and it can ramp up if I get anxious or excited.

  2. There are car drivers here in my town that read my mind and drive thru everytime when i try to fall asleep in the early moring when its too early too wake up. No im not psychotic or someting by this reaction. But is there something how you can stop them because its affecting my health right now?

  3. Thisnis so weird bc I realize I do the talking fast thing all the time and won’t let others talk some times. It’s even weirder bc I do the same playing music and beats with my teeth by chattering them. Like edm A lot of ifni song in my head I’ll use my teeth to play the best or drums of a song while singing theblyrics in my head. Idk I haven’t finished this video yet but so far strange bc I do both those things

  4. Some people just have a F*** ton to say—like I do. Interestingly I have constant songs streaming in my head and also play mental physio “games” in time with music. Not sure why but I’ve never heard anyone else say that. Hmmmmm

  5. For those who don't know the gentleman here Banachek is easily one of the most brilliant minds in magic today. One of his inventions is the Bullet Catch that Penn & Teller perform and they are so indebted to him that they give him money every time they see him. He just doesn't stop thinking of new stuff. I get the feeling he's also so nice and mild-mannered that he often lets people take advantage of him or sell him short. Well I'm not going to, he's awesome

  6. Ok, first, I would never claim to be psychic, although that would by far be the simplest way to explain it. But I feel like there are assumptions being made here BY YOU JOE, that are co-opted through psychology to be associated as the traits of a con-artist… which I must point out would also be the same traits any messiah would have, and ultimately to accept that reality, you would also have to accept the uncanny and unprecedented accuracy of Astrology to actually bear some scientific weight… Which would adversely discredit Catholicism, Christianity, Modern Psychology and the Judiciary systems that punish criminals based it… Which is arguably better than doing it based on the stars… but not my point…

    The fact is I do not have a selfish bone in my body, and I would never intentionally and with forethought attempt to manipulate any situation or anyone for personal gain. But because all of the personality traits I have, the person I am down to my core has been given a narrative that has turned every person I have ever met against me… It was probably this podcast… I HAVEN'T HAD A FKING FRIEND SINCE LIKE 2018, which is because Modern Psychology has my personalty traits to be labelled as the same traits as text book con-artist…. And I am a lot like this guy… Although I generally tell people I am a statistical anomaly..

    But you are blaming someone who probably has very experience being bewildered by anyone, so how could he possible have the belief that if he talks fast, probably because his brain jumps around and he doesn't want to forget what he was going to say, it isn't an intentional thing, but someone who was confused and bewildered, who commonly saw people as playing their roles, who would have their lively hood threatened by someone that could do what I do, or what he probably does, which is basically a well educated guessing game that draws from a significant schema, most of which is actually counter-intuitive to psychology as a whole because it proves common sense is capable of having some validity, psychology has virtually none IMO… which lack of common sense is the only thing that is keeping most psychologist employed by proxy of course… And what he does, assuming he is a psychics mentalist, I haven't watched it yet… But he probably has a higher success rate and provides disclosure, and charges a lot less than a psychologist I am sure… And seriously, HOW IS PSYCHOLOGY a study of human behavior and intention considered to be an objective science… Because I have never talked to someone with the intention of bewildering them… nor have I ever talked to anyone without bewildering them in retrospect… I sure as shit bewildered you Mr. Rogan, and altruistically for the sake of helping with an educational documentary.. ahem..

    So who is the con-artist, the person with a hypersensitivity to neural peptides, how ever you want to explain it that is drawn to peoples energy by curiosity, and will never pretend to know, only to feel… hopefully not the pretend part.. or the person that says objectively the other person is a con-artist, and will prove it with a degree for only 200$ an hour twice a week for the rest of your life…. I am pretty sure only stoopid would say the psychic… don't be stoopid Joe from 5 years ago…

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