September 21, 2021

28 thoughts on “Joshua Maponga joined by Prince Sikhosana, speaks vehemently | Black-consciousness, Pan-Africanism

  1. The secret agent seems to forget that the people in charge ofthis virus had this plans for over thirty yearsto bring this forward, their plan is to Depopulate the earth in the next five years by the margins of four to five billions people, yesterday I say out of service buses taking the homeless to where? Where you will never see them again check the past and h i.p.o story of these people involved in this controversy they don't want to let go off of power so majority of the world must die so they can continue to control power and how the world is run it has nothing to do with any diseases, the only disease to fear and look out for is the two legged, two Arms, one mouth two ears, two eyes monsters and they Evil plans. Yes we must protect ourselves because of what they're doing and plan to do further more we are there target.

  2. Uncle there’s two men your interview one is clearly Lying and get paid too there’s just don’t happen everything happens for a reason our god is clearly making hard for the Liar to speak look at thier mouths 👄 look how god works

  3. As I visited the School of Thought concerning the matter we faced with , it came to my attention that we should not neglect "Anthropology " with all its diversity. If you visit all the branches of Anthropology eg. Cultural, Linguistic, Social etc,you will realize that as Human beings especially Africans we are in the lab of colonizers and they are monitoring our behavior as they inject us with fear, tradegy and dealing with our subconscious mind. In the School of Psychology is believed that a habit develops over a period of 21 days and we think the 21 day lockdown was a clear innocent decision, NO NO. This is just an experiment for the real thing that they are cooking and as Africans they want to keep us eating from their pot. However I am not saying there is no Covid-19 but for a moment have you thought about Media propaganda because I definitely believe what is sold to us is "FAKE ". There is a movie /rather a series called The Dead Zone – Plaque which was released in 2003, everything happening now I mean "everything", the idea of lockdown, musks, virus coming from China, the symptoms of the virus and offcourse the solution being chloroquine is all there. For a second I realized that we are no longer facing physical slavery but we are definitely facing a scientific slavery not to mention Scientific racism, in the world of today the government that made rules suppress them in the name of protecting people from their scam yes I said it SCAM!!! . We no longer value human & bill of rights( Freedom of speech, movement etc) made by the same government leading us. Let's not be ignorant how many people die everyday except Corona being the cause………


  4. My brothers smh.. my people are slaughtered for lack of not only knowledge but faith.. we serve a King and High priest greater than any virus.. my people have a form of godly devotion yet prove false to its power.. psalms 12.. we are a community people. Christ said whenever 2 or more are gathered.. well how are we to be in Christ if we are scared of COVID the government or who ever.. we don’t need permission to be a people.. our King and High Priest is with us we just need to come together as that bride class and receive the reward he promised upon his return.. the young Prince is very wise.. brother Maponga you have a spiritual obligation to assure your brother bless you’re brothers.. we are a spiritual people and need a spiritual resolution.. maybe we should be fasting and praying and coming together… absolutely stop looking to these nations for the answers we posses already.. we just can’t do it for profit… that’s the problem.. capitalism amongst our own people.. brothers we have to get back to being a people collectively providing means and resources for our own advancement… Grace and Peace

  5. THE MOST HIGH CREATOR ANCESTOR YAH GOD SHOWED ME IN A VISION THAT THE CORONA VIRUS IS A HOAX!!! I have been getting visions since I was around 5 years old and at 7 YAHUSHA VISITED ME. I am 73 and have had a life full of miracles!!! THEY WANT AFRICA 🌍WITHOUT AFRICANS🌍.🙏🏽♥️🙏🏽🌍

  6. Were it not for Joshua and the prince sikhosana I won’t listen to this advocate, it’s injustice to my ears.
    It’s the people like the advocate that do Africa a de service
    He talk as if he knows this global agenda Corona plandemic
    One nurse took a clean swab they use in testing for Corona, and put it in a Corona testing machine, it came positive, advocate please answer that,
    Also president Magufuli on fake Corona test results 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
    Let this advocate listen to Dr. Buttar, rose/Icke lll and lV on Londonrealtv,
    List of Dr. Kaufman.
    Africa let’s not fight other nations wars/ medical apartheid
    The God of Heaven is already protecting Africa but it seems Africans or black peoples trust the oppressors for solutions
    Much love for the superior intelligence of prince Sikhosana. Well spoken Mr. JM

  7. With all do respect to the Brother on the skyspace. But i must say this, how do you know who to restrict and lockdown if there's not been any testing of those people. I agree with the other Brother that's on set, i to be believe there's a bit of manipulation going on, and this we have evidence. But in the case of this virus and the spreading of it we have no real evidence, only hear say. We're hearing of death of people supposedly of this virus. How are we to trust this if we have know way of knowing the results of the tasting. The none African are moving around without interference or hindrance. WAKE UP Africa! And how are we are not sure that the none African are not a part of the spreading of the (plandemic) and this gentleman that's speaking on behalf of and apparently represent the government i would be careful in trusting even him at this point. He seems to be more in favor of what the government wants more so than whats in the best interest of that African People. The propaganda and the enemies agenda is real.

  8. In as much as every one understands that Corona is dangerous and that scientists are working around the clock to come up with a cure, has anybody really given a thought to investigate the efficacy of herbal remedies as a possible solution. Has any research been encouraged in the traditional space or we are just living everything to the "learned" people to come up help. We might be living with a cure and not even know about

  9. We AFRICANS are not of a lesser GOD than the others.

    GOD ALMIGHTY provides AFRICA AND AFRICANS with all the resources we need to live.

    The AFRICAN chiefs who participated in the trans Atlantic slave trade by illegal sales of AFRICA and AFRICANS to the western world to inhumane terrorism conditions of the most demoralised.

    The herbs of the land are for the healing of the nations of AFRICA and AFRICANS



  10. I was in johannesburg court 2 days ago they test people with thermometer that doesn't work mixing people and taking fake temperature . I took a video of this event I was treated by them if I make the video public they will die me imagine .

  11. Today my spirit is down I'm let down by my own black people they like money more than their children. please pray for me since I started this jorney nothing has been easy . I'm surrounded by liars and thieves. please include me in your prayers so I that I don't give up in search of the truth

  12. I'm in Pourthacourt watching your programs,we lack this type of debate in Nigeria it's even forbidden to unearth the secret which cage Africa as slavery and colonize.

    Christianity was a tools Nigeria is still in the bottomless pit.

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