May 22, 2022

40 thoughts on “Julius Malema is Woke Wants a United Africa at Pan-African Parliament

  1. Julius maiema yes it is important theat africa become one united state of africa yes your country will be powerful and you will have the bigs economy in the world wake up africa you also will have the largeis army you need to do this a.s.a.p leaders of africa respect ladys an gentlemen young and old africa πŸ–€

  2. Wow, this is the first time I'm seeing Mr. Malema in a positive light. The western media had painted the image of him as a socialist, rabid, racist. Now I know where to get my news.

  3. Why south Africa should allow China to built 13 police station's in their own country, China nd western nations are the same race do not forget colonization nd slavery that happen in the past!

  4. They need to do this quietly. This is against the interests of the so-called western democracies, who will do anything to sabotage it, including murder, war and genocide.

  5. Pan africanism though theoretically good can have a major downfall. It would make an entire continent dependent on the decisions of a sole leader. If that leader sells out the whole continent is damned. I pray his intentions are good and not masked that is the only way it will work.

  6. No. Each ethnic group should be given the right to self-rule and self-determination. The colonial borders should be abolished and new ones drawn that coincide with the original kingdoms that existed before the Westerners came here and disrupted our lives.

  7. I hope he can do this. It is about time. And I sincerely hope that other African leaders will finally see, even if they have been corrupted, that there is more to be gained (more power, influence and wealth) from empowering their countries and people than what they have received and/or can possibly receive from foreign interests. And it is also greatly important that the Arabs, who would anyway rather see themselves as "middle easterners" on the continent, not be included, because they will always view themselves as superior and will never act in the interest of all inhabitants.

  8. Malema let you tell you one thing if you are really serious to United Africa why can't you start to fight about those who's living in your country more then 12 years no right paper and the home affairs is a hell for them so if you want to fool others it's ok …

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