May 25, 2022

20 thoughts on “Julius Malema's Speech Making an Ultimatum to Old African Leaders Slowing Africa's Progress

  1. These old corrupt African leaders are like a pest to black people at home and abroad . they're no better than racist foot soldiers for white supremacist… the sooner they die out the better for the African continent and the black diaspora….

  2. Mostly was the mindset. The
    Makame has the whites people returned your ancestral land? It has been for ages your lip slept why?? Land without compensation. What's happening with the slogans land of indigenous?

  3. Afrika is Afrika, it is for all Afrikans not for young or old. the Wise and Patriots we shall give them power to lead Africa. Africans never and ever try take back our Mother Africa to the Colon ial rules indirectly. Africans be wise enough.

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