May 22, 2022

43 thoughts on “Julius Malema's We Need a United States of Africa Speech

  1. He is right! We need to unite the African continent into a united country! Despite our colonial borders! This is a wake up call!

    We need one country with one national currency, one government, one president!
    The Afrikan people must unite!

  2. I hope they don't force everyone to join this big country, because my country has few people and many resources it's not fair for other people to come and get part of it..but if people will remain within their territory then I support

  3. this will never happen if we africans a wait for our greed leaders to make us unit ,its time for every african to be an ambassador and campaigner on these motion, let have one voice,let awake our leaders by making this decision ,one united africa

  4. All of us as African Americans must support the idea πŸ’‘of the "United States of Africa". and only take our vacations on the African Continent….First… We must unite with the good and positive work of the EFF…. Truth…

  5. Before that happened there will be a war cause check this out if Africa unite we will be the most prosper nation on earth because our ressources are so much more than any others region of the world. And when Africa rises back many western countries will loose their economies so they won’t accept that we unite then there will be a war . β€œ the united African nation β€œ will not born without war it will be maybe the 3rd world war or fourth world war

  6. Africa will rise and Europe will fall because they can’t live without exploiting us.
    I pray to god this happens in my lifetime so I can come home. Europe it’s been nice, but my people need me.

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