#JUNETEENTH, Juneteenth Explained, Juneteenth, Juneteenth Explained UPSC कहानी गुलामी की
Why all Americans should honor Juneteenth, What is Juneteenth? , Juneteenth: The story behind the 155-year-old holiday that commemorates the end of slavery, Frequently Asked Juneteenth Questions Answers अमेरिका का सिविल वॉर Explained by Ashirwad Sir

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=== Live Classes Schedule (Mon-Fri) from 25th May ===

✿ UPSC CSE 2020 Special Daily Questionnaire Series:
05:00 AM – Daily Current Affairs Questions by Sumit Sir
06:00 AM – UPSC In Depth by Durgesh Sir
07:00 AM – Mock Test for UPSC Prelims 2020 by Sumant Sir

✿ UPSC CSE 2020 Morning Shows:
08:00 AM – Current Affairs Show by Sumit Sir
09:00 AM – The Hindu Editorial by Ashirwad Sir

✿ UPSC CSAT 2020 (General Studies Paper-II):
10:00 AM – English by Akanksha Ma’am (Mon & Tue)
10:00 AM – Maths & Reasoning by Sahil Sir (Wed, Thur & Fri)

✿ MISSION IAS 2021 (Mon to Fri):-
11:00 AM – Economics by Ashirwad Sir
03:00 PM – Science & Tech by Sandeep Sir
10:00 PM – NCERT by Rajni ma’am

✿ MISSION IAS 2021 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday):-
02:00 PM – World Geography by Sumit Sir
04:00 PM – Polity by Pawan Sir
06:00 PM – Ecology by Rohan Sir
07:00 PM – Ancient History by Durgesh Sir

✿ UPSC Edge 2020 (General Studies Paper-I) (Tuesday, Thursday):
02:00 PM – Environment and Ecology by Sumit Sir
04:00 PM – Polity, IR, Report & Indices by Pawan Sir
05:00 PM – Economics by Ashirwad Sir
06:00 PM – Geography by Rohan Sir

✿ Other Special Classes:
07:00 PM – Modern History Storytelling (Tuesday, Thursday)
05:00 PM – India Year Book by Ashirwad Sir (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
09:00 PM – UPSC Mentor by Pawan Sir (Monday to Friday)

✿ Weekend Special Classes (Sat & Sun):
08:00 AM – Current Affairs by Sumit Sir
09:00 AM – The Hindu Editorial by Ashirwad Sir
10:00 AM – Current Affairs by Sumit Sir (UPSC Edge)
12:00 PM – Mock Test Marathon by Sumant Sir
04:00 PM – Prelims Quick Revision by Durgesh Sir
07:00 PM – Economics by Ashirwad Sir

✿ Weekend Special Classes (Saturday):
03:00 PM – Special event by Sandeep Sir
06:00 PM – Yojana Magazine by Durgesh Sir
09:00 PM – Weekly Current Affairs Roundup by Pawan Sir

✿ Weekend Special Classes (Sunday):
03:00 PM – Science Reporter
05:00 PM – Kurukshetra Magazine
09:00 PM – Parliament Ki ABC by Pawan Sir

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✤ Environment by Sumit Sir:

✤ History by Pareek Sir:

✤ Polity by Pawan Sir:

✤ Economics by Ashirwad Sir:

✤ Geography by Rohan Sir:

✤ Science and Technology by Sandeep Sir:

✤ CSAT Maths & Reasoning by Sahil Sir:

✤ CSAT English by Akanksha Ma’am:

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