This tape contains video shot at the 1976 Juneteenth celebration held at Rosewood Park in Austin, Texas. The video was originally produced by George Wilkerson and Bill Jorn, but this tape contains footage edited together by Bruce Blackwell for broadcast on Austin Community Television in 1989.

Featured in this Juneteenth celebration video are a speech by Rev. Cecil Williams in front of the Madison Cabin, gospel sung by the Gospel Inspirators of Austin, Texas (also in front of the Madison Cabin), and shots of the crowds and parade. The second half of the video presents ACC student Erma Humpries conducting interviews with ACC instructor Roland Hayes, parade participants, Miss Juneteenth contestants, and Austin City Mayor Pro Tem Jimmy Snell.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:03 – The Gospel Inspirators
00:01:53 – Footage of parade (Gospel Inspirators audio continues)
00:03:43 – Speech to the crowd by Rev. Cecil Williams
00:04:02 – Footage of parade (Rev. Williams’ speech audio continues)
00:10:19 – Footage of crowds (Rev. Williams’ speech audio continues)
00:10:15 – Back to Rev. Williams
00:19:35 – The Gospel Inspirators
00:22:15 – An address by Mayor Pro Tem Jimmy Snell
00:23:12 – Interview with Roland Hayes at the parade
00:24:47 – Interview with parade participants
00:25:35 – Interview with Miss Juneteenth contestants
00:27:41 – Interview with Mayor Pro Tem Jimmy Snell
00:29:19 – End Credits

Originally Broadcast: ca. 1989
Format: 3/4″ Umatic
Collection Name: Austin Files
Item Number: VIDA-00124


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