This Friday, Michigan Medicine will honor and acknowledge Juneteenth, a holiday annually celebrated on June 19. The tribute will be live streamed here.

The Juneteenth tribute will begin Friday at 1 p.m. and is open to all faculty, staff, learners, patients, families, friends and community members. A moment of silence and kneeling will begin promptly at 1:15 p.m. Kneeling is optional, and not required to participate.

Juneteenth is the day set to commemorate the end of slavery in America, and the freedom of enslaved black, indigenous and people of color.

Significance and acknowledgement of said freedom is relevant now more than ever. While slavery has been abolished for centuries, and civil rights have been enacted for black people since 1964, the freedom granted to black, indigenous and people of color is still being infringed upon by systematic racism and racial disparities.

While Juneteenth is representative of how far the country has come, it also raises awareness of how much further it has to go. Honoring the deaths of George Floyd, and all of those whose lives have been lost at the hands of injustice, is only one way we express grief and stand in solidarity with our black coworkers, learners, patients, families and community.

Together, everyone in the community is invited to kneel – a symbol long associated with Colin Kapernick, peaceful protests, and the Black Lives Matter Movement, and honor the freedom that each and every American in this country is owed.

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