Victoria Scott-Miller reads three poems from the galleries of the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Scott-Miller’s recommendations for Juneteenth are Words with Wings: A Treasury of African-American Poetry and Art by Belinda Rochelle and Freedom over Me by Ashley Bryan. Find out more here about storytime, the bookstore, and the presenter at

“When I think of Juneteenth and after viewing Stacey Lynn Waddell’s piece The Gulf Stream (After Winslow Homer), the first thoughts that come to mind are displacement of freedom, one that is everywhere but nowhere at all, and how celebration ignites an opportunity to reclaim our joy, our hope, and ultimately the displaced freedom. When this is truly found from within, we are able to manifest and harness our wildest dreams, the dreams that are often placed in back pockets or hidden in our minds.”—Victoria Scott-Miller, owner of Liberation Station


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