May 28, 2022

49 thoughts on “Kagame to African Youths You Don’t Need to Travel to Europe to Exploit their Markets

  1. Typical African leaders, Kagamr sent his daughter to Europe and America for studies and all of the above, he has the guts to sit here and preach nonses to other Afticsns not to go abroad…let me tell you…first world will always be the first world, weather you like it or not….Iam not in a hurry to settle in corrupt countries of Aftica.

  2. but how 99:% Africans leader are dictator and when you work hard and successful you get killed. I don't think we african young travel for many or work we running away for seek peace and freedom. but we can't find peace in Europe the people don't like us they ting we are poor but we are not we Africans are so rich naturally but we needs good leaders like you

  3. You cannot say don't travel to Europe and you don't facilitate for independent labs, factories and shops and finance. Kagame is just another ignorant selfish boy.

  4. I have a lot of respect for Paul but this time he has missed the boat. Africa is run by power crazy maniacs controlled by the west. Also the leaders are elected on tribal grounds. If the USA gave free visas to Africans to go to America, African would be empty.
    Look at the Au. A bunch of old brotherhood men that are doing nothing for africa but selling us out.

  5. Kagame!!!! We heard you but it is enough step down and stop bullying your political opponents . Rwanda is not your private property.
    KAGAME MUST GO !!!!!!!

  6. Can Mt Africans provide solar panels and lithium batteries to the Caribbean or can they set up a company that can do that over here. We would love our money to enrich our people instead of strangers

  7. He has every right to say that cause he fixes his country's problem as for the other scum of African leaders who are selfish who do not create nothing or do anything should shut the fick up.

  8. You don’t prosper behind the killing of more than 8 million people of DRC (ref. UN Mapping Report 2000) and the looting of the minerals of your neighbouring country. Kagame is a criminal the world have ever seen in 20th and 21st century. His legacy is a very dark one. People need to read about the other side of this prosperity.

  9. But what policies are being implemented for youths to stay in Africa. After Khaddafi nothing have been done economically. African heads of states just give lip service and do nothing

  10. The most powerful economic power of country its people and Africa is the youngest population on the world with huge lands to support its growth. We need to do our parts opening business in Africa and supporting African owned business like when flying using African carriers small things like this will make difference as we build strong unity.

  11. The number one reason why African professionals have been and will continue to leave Africa to work in Europe or America is salary. Unfortunately, Africans are not paid current living wages, even doctors in Africa are not paid a comparable living wage to the western world… It's time that Africa and it's workers are paid more for their goods and services!!

  12. tell to african Hitler to stop his stupidity his son bought a house for 6 million $ at Beverly hills . he travel him self more than 20 times years …that money can built hospital school of children..

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