May 23, 2022

49 thoughts on “Kagame's Fire Speech Hits Backs Hard at Countries Currently Neo-Colonizing Africa

  1. Africa must grow Africa… The continent has all the resources it needs for growth no outsourcing needed… just cooperation and understanding between countries…..

  2. Africa managed its own Affairs before the big powers existed…before the invasion/war and the destruction that was done to keep Africa from ever managing it's own Affairs again. Africa can and will take its rightful place and manage it's own affairs again. The continent must unite and manage it's own resources. No one but Africans can do this. One Love. One Africa.

  3. only five presidents with this mentality and courage in africa, things could change. central africa is a disgrace, corrupt, mediocre and long-lived presidents who have turned the presidency into a family patrimony.

    you are a great man, KAGAME.

  4. 2nachike…
    You must love Pual, always bringing him as some kind of African Jusus.
    Making statements about this and that isnt what Africa needs.
    Africa needs self reliance policy. Pual kegame haven't introduced self independent regulations in his country because he is afraid of his Western handler might slap him with sanction.
    Alaways talk but no action.

  5. Is this man really discussing these type of issues with his peers? Cause I don't understand how and why about 55 old men will behave or act as if they are been controlled with a remote controller or are they bots or puppets I really don't get. Look at the human suffering in and around Africa and all they care about is their pockets, so sad for Africa.😭😭😢😢

  6. President Kagame's speech will inspire a lot of Africans young generation. In Africa most of so called leaders are OLD school and still think OLD. We are now in 21st century and it is unacceptable that MOST of Africans still live in a very POOR conditions. What do AFRICAN UNION DO? Stop running to western countries to help solve OUR problems. Africa MUST look around and learn from other Developed countries because African continent it's the ONLY one still WALKING Behind with DEVELOPMENT.

  7. I ll write my comment in french
    Merci Mr Kagame
    C est pour cette vision qu on vous colle le manteau de dictateur.
    Si tous les présidents africains etaient comme vous……… on ne serait même pas la maintenant !

  8. It is high time to kick out the white imperialist in our affairs Africa has everything to sustain it's inhabitants there's tomuch corruption in a White Monopoly capital and some of our own in government corridors must be stopped they're looting our minerals and resources in campany with the white Monopoly capitalist Mafia the African poor workers are being abused by white Monopoly capital employers . slave salaries unfair working conditions even some of our former liberation officials have joined the white imperialist as slave masters . African young generation must rise up against this Satanic system Africa is not yet Uhuru as long we still living under one of the worst iniquality l can forsee a second revolution the imperialist will regret for handling over fake freedom and indipendance

  9. It's encouraging other African countries to wake up. It emphasizes the need to stand up against neo- colonialism in 21st century. We say enough for these kind of shamefull and inhumane, subjugation

  10. I disagree with that statement. I believe it is time that Africa start to see herself as one nation and not individual countries. Therefore, he should have said Africa will respond to the needs of each of her states and Africa will take care of Africa.

  11. Thank you for telling the neo colonialists to take their hands off Africa. Please tell their puppets (Greedy African Leaders) to think twice before they start selling their own country to whites. Africa belongs to Africans!

  12. neocolonialism?,The wealthy Nations are controlling the African economy, struggles are on to improve that,,least to say, so what is the new development seemed bothering now?, caused to the projected behavior being discerned?

  13. then wtf has he invaded parts of the Congo and partitioned the area to mining multinationals?!! Wtf is he killing and oppressing political opponents? Most of these African leaders talk shit. They can't do crap. they are still puppets of western and Chinese powers.

  14. It’s like he’s reading my mind ❤️ Africa needs to deal with its own problem not by powerful none African countries ☝️because never know what their intentions are👌🏾

  15. Le titre est en désaccord avec les propos de M Kagame
    Ce qu'il dit principalement c'est que nous Africains devons prendre nos responsabilités et le assumer.
    Ce n'est pas tant aux néocolonisateurs qu'ils s'adressent qu'aux Africains en premier

  16. Yes what the president said is what Africa needs, the super Powers of the world depend on the resources, partnering with them is an option which they will fight tooth and nail to keep things the way they are to keep controlling Africa. What all Africans and even all black people around the world need to do is band together and stop fighting each other, stop hating each other, lift up each other, celebrate one another achievements and most of all support each other, those who are business minded/own a business, help your fellow African/black man to the next level…..then and only then we can take back and control what belongs to us

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