September 20, 2023
#Kanye Wears ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt

KanyeWest calls #BlackLivesMatter “a scam” after he wore a White Lives Matter shirt during his Paris Fashion Week show.


31 thoughts on “#Kanye Wears ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt

  1. are you dumb or ignorant?
    on 1 hand you call white lives matter shirts racist, but on the other hand you support the black lives matter movement?!?
    so in your opinion, black lives matter but white lives do NOT? :DD
    dont you thinks thats kinda racist? 😀

  2. Kanye doing gods work.
    There is nothing wrong with BLM as a statement.. there is plenty wrong with BLM as a movement. It is a massive scam thinking that all the donations will benefit underprivileged African American communities when in reality it all gets pocketed. Everyone supported BLM as a statement, now if we support WLM it’s dangerous even though they aren’t the ones arranging literal domestic terrorist attacks..

  3. Wait… So it's okay to say black lives matter but not any other race ? Yes goddamit THINK the MEDIA, THE GOVERNMENT, EVERYBODY IS FOOLING YOU. THINK NUMBHEADS

  4. People like this "reporter" is a problem to humanity. They'll happily divide others and do the devil's bidding for the cash or brownie points. This has to change.

  5. Ok, so we can hate white people because white people are white. But we have to love every other race because they are not white. And white is bad, which means not white is good.

    …. What happened to being judged by the content of our character?

  6. Peoples reaction to others, wearing Black Lives Matter shirts: yes, slay

    Peoples reaction to others, wearing white lives matter shirts : how dare you that is so dangerous

    It’s really sad

  7. It’s a joke . Racist organization that is pro crime and pro money. If black people cared about black lives they would join the thousands of white Christians that been helping black lives for years in Africa that have no opportunity. Instead of the trash In United States that don’t care but about them selves. I agree when someone is wrongfully accused but a criminal is a criminal and it’s a very very small percentage. FACTS MATTER NOT LYES!!!!

  8. How can BLM not be racist, but WLM, and ALM are. It was to the point where it was almost black supremacy because if you didn’t agree with the BLM ideology you’d be attacked.

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