September 22, 2023
Kanye West Claims Black Lives Matter Is A Scam After Wearing 'White Lives Matter' Shirt

called a following over the “Donda” rapper wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt to his Paris Fashion Week show. “EVERYONE KNOWS THAT WAS A NOW IT’S OVER YOU’RE WELCOME,” wrote on Instagram as people started to react online. Celebrities, including Jaden Smith, seemed to respond to Kanye. The 24-year-old reportedly left the show after seeing the message. “I don’t care [who] it is if I don’t feel the message I’m out,” he said.

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Claims Black Lives Matter Is A Scam After Wearing ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt



48 thoughts on “Kanye West Claims Black Lives Matter Is A Scam After Wearing 'White Lives Matter' Shirt

  1. There’s no policy or public group opinion that’s says black lives don’t matter. There’s are more white unarmed people killed by cops than black. No logic, just victimhood.

  2. Candance owens documentary exposes BLM the best way possible. Bless these two for finally speaking out and many more not afraid to speak up.

  3. Black people don’t see brown people as the same. Black people cal anyone that’s not Black —White. Blacks would rather stand alone than believe that other minorities experience the same difficulties and struggles but get over looked because they “pass” as White.

  4. Its not like BLM is just rioting when a criminal dies and a cop is involved and buying 6 million dollar mansions with money who's supposed to save "black lives"

  5. Notice how those simps are the ones ending the relationship with Ye. That's always how it is. The weak minded people will leave once they can't argue back. They will block you. Good riddance.

  6. All lives matter bruh white brown yellow green Orange black blue animals hell even aliens can join this shizz to..!! Dafuq is wrong with ya'all people..???

  7. I’m back to read the comments and it’s funny how all of you white people were for here mr west anti black propaganda against the African American community but now all crying when he’s coming for the media controlling jews

  8. Statics show more white ppl are killed in the line of fire , more black ppl are killed by the hands of other black ppl , those are the facts , whine and cry soak it up .

  9. This is what I'm saying Kanye say black lives matter is a scam and then he turns around and scams y'all by charging thousands of dollars for his mediocre ugly ass sneakers now we agree with him and we're going to always take up for Kanye and Candice but y'all look at their inconsistencies. Pay attention to these two.

  10. I like ocho but hes completely skipping the part where blm donations went to a political party, and million dollar mansions strip club visits etc. For the "founders"

  11. Imagine people still hating on Kanye saying he’s ill knowing full well BLM was a scam that caused millions in property damage, took countless lives and paid for the lifestyle of a handful of frauds?

  12. Black lives do matter but so does white lives too if you checked its not only black peoples lives that are being taken white farmers in south africas lives are being taken to so rather stick up for all lives

  13. I hate it when people say yeah black live matter like yes they do but why only say black lives every live matters black, white, asain it doesn't matter so instead of saying black lives matter or white lives matter why not say all live matter

  14. honestly he’s right, the founder of the black lives matter stuff stole millions from the movement. he’s a misunderstood genius. every life matters and to slander him for wearing a shirt that says White Lives Matter. what about the millions of people that wear black lives matters shirts? it’s exactly the same you’s are just riding the victim card. none of you suffered what ur ancestors did and none of us did what our ancestors did. yous are literally as bad as our ancestors, looting stores and killing white peoples because you’s had an excuse to, not a fucking good enough one. honestly what does stealing from and destroying hundreds of innocent people businesses have to do with what our ancestors did? fuckwits the lot of you’s

  15. I think it is Asian lives that matter. Only Asian and Pacific islanders and native Americans are facing death and looting by the 1st and 2nd American majority (white and black)

  16. Why, as a white man, it’s wrong for me to believe all lives matter, putting black people before every other is apparently the only way to not look racist? What did I do? What did my friends do? What did my 10 year old sister do to deserve the constant attempts to be ostracized from society? It’s a selfish and self centered thing to put an entire race down for actions that they didn’t have a part of. Think of how you’re influencing the next generations of peoples perception on other races.

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