May 29, 2023
Kanye West exclusive: Rapper tells Tucker Carlson story behind White Lives Matter shirt

Rapper Kanye West joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ discusses blowback over controversial shirt, his father, and history of racial discrimination in America.
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45 thoughts on “Kanye West exclusive: Rapper tells Tucker Carlson story behind White Lives Matter shirt

  1. I got a story to tell . I have a voice that needs heard . I believe everything he's going threw has went threw . His opinion on the said people being made in a laboratory. Everything. . If me and Kanye spoke 1on1 or whatever. If he heard what I have to speak about in the same way about the same subjects of the matter . We could probably do something unspeakable. Maybe even godly. . He's not crazy and neither am I . I know it. And that's all that matters Ty 2023

  2. 8:21 – Being a conservative is finally being given permission to say "White Lives Matter" by a black rap superstar yet still cucking out and turning it back to "All Lives Matter"

  3. All tucker carlson wants him to say is all lives matter and who is that doesn’t agree with this. That’s why he wants him on the show forget Everything else West has said so far. It’s all about him getting on tape him disrespecting his culture and his ethnicity. Come on Yeeah! Your here playing checkers with this man and he’s over there playing chess with you 🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. Ого, это было странно. У парня так много мыслей в голове, ему приходится приводить кучу примеров что бы его сложные мысли были понятны людям. Молодец, пытается донести для не очевидных людей, очевидные вещи. Когда я услышал "жизни черных тоже важны", я немного охренел, разве это не очевидно. Но вот прошло не так много лет и уже другой человек говорит про другой цвет, потому люди этого просто не понимают и главное, он не пытается донести важности белых, смысл в том что любые жизни важны, но напиши он это на футболке и люди бы не поняли. Но я понял. У нас в России не так много черных ребят, но никогда не думал что они чужие, другие это да, но они такие же как и любые другие люди. Купить дом ради детей это правильно, не понимаю почему люди несут эту чушь про слежку. Много хороших и умных вещей. Больше бы таких людей.
    Спасибо что несёшь свет адекватности в этот не адекватный мир, как настоящий воин господа своего.
    И спасибо Такеру, я начал смотреть твои шоу потому что ты говоришь много правильных вещей. Спасибо что Вы позволяете нам услышать и сделать свое мнение. Важно позволять людям самим судить, а не навязывать сторону.
    И по поводу абортов, тут жизнь такая, не все могут позволить себе детей, на них просто нет денег. Возможно у людей которые делают аборты нету средств на предохраняющие средства. И это грустно.

  5. Tucker: Why would "All Lives Matter" be a controversial statement?
    Kanye: Because the same people that have stripped us of our identity and labeled us as a color, have told us what it means to be black.

  6. I can tell that Kanye has a lot of love and respect for his Dad. I hope that kanye, as well as his dad is able to repair the strain that is in their relationship.

  7. He mentions his father a lot in the interview. This is the reason why the system is against the creation of strong families and especially strong black families. To many strong families that teach their kids values would bankrupt the system eventually. An ignorant and dumbed down society is what they want and how they make so much profit in a country that manufactures nothing of value.

  8. "Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity, nothing exceeds the criticisms made of the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed." -Herman Melville.

  9. I love and pray you yay keep being a free thinker and exposing the truth they teach us to be in a box and a certain stereotype so we fight vs eachother nomore free thinkers stand up!! Our lives depends on that

  10. I agreed with the whole interview except the last line because I am God & I have perfect indifference which is to say, no opinions about anything.

    But I'm also not myself if I want to be & can choose to have opinions if I want, but it's not my first nature.

  11. When ye is talking about his dad clapping his hands at the club around 9.50 mark we see a true ye smile and he is so happy. He loves his dad. 🫶🏻🫶🏻♥️

  12. I love Kanye. Not afraid to speak truth. All lives matter. We all come from God and we are all children of God. The media wants to divides us and make us susceptible to hating one another. We all need one another. We belong to one another.

  13. …Kanye, & Rosemary Kennedy —— are not too far apart from each other!


    my X's sister; looks like she coulda been Rosemary's great grandchild —— they are norse, irish, sicilian, native, & german… 🤷🏿‍♂️

  14. Remember guys, these MFs are the same people who do war mongering by lying to American people so that they can benefit all (the nexus of military-industrial-complex, politicians, media-tycoons), and they justified all those wars by spreading lies like Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction. But they have the audacity to call a person mentally ill or outrageous, for just selling shirts with a message to save lives (of white people also, as black lives were already being saved too much by the said nexus).

  15. This man is so delusional and really NEEDS to take his medication. It's sad watching how poorly a billionaire can treat themselves when they're crazy. Very sad and I hope the ending isn't what it looks like it's going to be.🤞🤞🤞

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