September 22, 2023
Kanye 'Ye' West on BLM - Black Lives Matter

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Ye is a legendary artist, producer, and designer.

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32 thoughts on “Kanye 'Ye' West on BLM – Black Lives Matter

  1. Its such a cope out, to say its not jewish every time during the interview. Its like saying its not German every time someone say im driving a german car. Its just a company with diverse shareholders and a 90% appear to be german. but like a jewish and an asian guy also work there and own shares…OK shlomo we get it

  2. Exactly why I don't support or respect Black Lives Matter 🖐 They are completely outraged when a black man gets killed by a white cop, as they should be! (I'm outraged along side them! 🤬) But that outrage is nowhere to be found when it's black on black violence 🤷‍♂️ One white cop kills a black guy and the whole country goes apeshit! 😮 Yet 70 people get gunned down in Chicago over a single weekend, and it's just a shrug and a yawn 🥱

    Where is the outrage?
    Where are the protests?
    Where are the riots?

    BLM are nothing but hypocrites! 🤦‍♂️

  3. im not even american, but Kanye is not that intelligent that you think…in chicago gang members kill other gang members, In George floyd case the police who's is suppose to protect him killed him, so don't compare criminal activities with police brutalities..

  4. What Kanye is saying is that BLM was just a feel good media campaign that allowed people to march, take a selfie, and feel like they “did something” for a cause without having to give away some of their wealth.

    What Kanye needs to realize is thats never gonna happen. Who on planet earth is going to give away their money to someone else. Thats not how humans operate. If black people want to create generational wealth they are gonna have to find a way to be so good at something people are forced to pay lots of money for it. Nobody is just going to willingly give people money.

  5. I'm in south Minneapolis grew up on 38th and Chicago the Bloods heart of that hood. since those riots esp. right after the shut down has become so bad you dont hear regular gunshots anymore they all switched nothing less. Anytime anywhere anybody. I believe someone really rich started this fatty perc thing. almost 70 percent of the streets are on em. we as a city cant detach ourselves, they ment the 38th intersection gonna be it's own spot instead of chicago dig? our city is so messed up over this. we rarely see cops esp. in high risk areas. someone high up had to had ceased that moment to get back at the streets for them riots. Facts

  6. So the guy just blindly believes what Candance owens told him…cant even explain it at all. A grifter convinces you what to believe, that makes you a dumb dumb.

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