May 25, 2022

23 thoughts on “#Kenya and #Ethiopia make pact to fight terrorism #africnews

  1. '#Kenya and #Ethiopia make pact to fight terrorism #africnews'

    The fight against terrorism is also a quest of structural stability I am talking about what dictators such as the ones at Togo call stability where they maintain millions in suffering and fear through violence, deprivation and assassination. I am talking about that stability that is the practical expression general assent made possible through social cohesion and political concord. In this perspective when Ethiopians knowing that there is already the issue of Al Shabab, they have the moral obligation not to solve their own dispute through civil war. Because civil war favor the atmosphere in which predators, terrorists and so on find their preys, the despair is exploited by transforming people into disciples of devil. Therefore fighting terrorism is also to shape an environment of mutual benevolence, justice, listening where people have the feeling that their concerns are heard, are shared, where the feel the presence of those who suppose to deliberate on the common destiny, etc.

  2. Both countries are broke and can't feed their people. They get western aid just to survive. All the businesses in their countries are owned by foreigners and their armies are trained and paid by the West.

  3. @2nacheki Whatever you lack there please reach out to your Diaspora globally. There you will find what you need. Unless the countries across the earth are not willing to share their Africans living in their countries! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
    I'm laughing at the rest of the world not wanting to share THEIR africans with you there in Africa and not at your need of us to come home and help out. They didn't want to leave our lands and might not want to return our people back to you. This is called having sticky fingers.
    However there will be those non Africans showing up with DNA test saying see? We are Africans too! They looking for profit and a return back to the lands they were kicked out of. That's called establishing a beach head. Establishing an existence there to open everything right back up.
    But even with building up your own currency once again there are those called economist in your Diaspora that can help out with that. Creating your own vaccines, builders, setting up computer networks, military drilling, truck drivers, and basically all of your other needs are in your Diasporas all over Terra. We work in all fields. Including as high powered attorneys.
    A promise of security and to never be betrayed and sold again is a must in the agreement. Like it or not this is why you had your problems that you had for a very long time. Even in acting we are there as well. But sports and acting should not be all that we make up.
    We have MAJOR scientist in our Diasporas. Law enforcement. People that can help with running your governments. This is where President Mandela failed. He reached out to everyone rather than looking to his Diasporas globally for what he needed. Trust me. We have what you need in our Diasporas globally. Including astronauts and space technology too.
    Mining abilities. We can build our own mining machines rather than using and killing our own people to mine this stuff. Even in creating nuclear plants and weaponry. Also in building our Intelligence networks. IT'S IN OUR DIASPORAS! And it includes the secrets as well.

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