November 28, 2022

35 thoughts on “Kenya Bans Workers from Going to Saudi Arabia, UK Soldiers Crimes Ignored, Genocide Kingpin Dies

  1. About time. Saudi Arabia started the salve trade in the 7th century and removed all male private parts to stop them spreading their seed. They then got the Portuguese in on the game, the got the british involved 15th century. The rest is history. For years I have seen black people attacked in various muslim countries.
    Firstly accept that you adopted another mans religion they don't have to treat you as one of their own.
    Keep your daughters safe, right now there is an app where black girls are being traded for free between employers looking for domestic worker. Their passports are kept and they are kept in awful conditions. If they run away the police lock them up for going out without ID.

  2. Those lighter skinned and white arabs do NOT RESPECT BLACK AFRICANS, before and despite iSlam they never did. Arab culture originated with black arabs but black arabs have no political nor social economic power to express their culture in the arab world so non black arab culture rules the arab world and is the innaccurate face of islam.

  3. At last Kenya has done it. Now the rest should follow.
    Slavery's still accepted in the middle east even in Mauritania, which's in West Africa. It's a shame no leader on the continent condemns this act of inhumanity. This is why, its says, poverty's slavery. Africa's rich. No one should go homeless & hungry, if our leaders weren't so greedy. Greed loses all, at the end.

  4. They’ve been ABUSING Africans for a very long time. Great move! When and if they resume, the work place should have consistent inspection from officials in that country otherwise don’t send our beautiful young people. I’ve seen this happen even in Egypt! PROTECT our women.

  5. 👉🇰🇪☻ – KENYA Bans Kenyans from Going to SOUD ARABIA meanwhile Kenya Government has ALlowed PAKISTANS CITIZENS to QUARANTINE for 15 DAYS in KENYA on their Way to SOUD ARABIA.❌❎
    👉 Out of the More than 22,000 PAKISTAN CITIZENS who has been Allowed in KENYA on their Way to SOUD ARABIA Only 8,000 PAKISTANS has left KENYA. Nobody knows where the Others are and Now KENYA GOVERNMENT has STOPPED that PLAN of PALESTINIANS Coming through KENYA on their Way to SOUD ARABIA.❌❎

  6. I lived in Arab countries and Western countries and had I wanted to marry there, I could have done it, but I have never been discriminated against. I don't know what to say really. Sometimes it depends on who you are.
    I salute you, Kenya.

  7. Arabs still call africans abid which means slave!! African people must NOT go to the middle EAST! New African people must remain in Africa AND build their economy! Don't risk your lifes by going to the arabs, the europeans AND the chinese. Let us bulid our african World now!!

  8. From Canada with Hava. It is good to see my Kenyan friends watching out for each other. Please stay strong true Children of YahIsrael ABBA YAH will redeeming us soon according to Isaiah chapters 14 and 60 to name a few scriptures…

  9. Wow…as a mzungu I have to agree that Kenyan government took the right decision.
    But what about the citizens who "disappeared" ? Kenya should bring this matter into UN questioning or in front of the ICC.
    Saudi Arabia is respect less towards anything from black Africa.
    Saudi family is the devil in person.

  10. Kenya should also prosecute recruitment companies that are making money off this poor workers! Kenyan leadership is also culpable in the abuse of their fellow Kenyans. Stop corruption and mismanagement of the countries resources. Africans have to open their eyes, their biggest abusers are themselves. In a few months after things cool down some of these workers will return back to Saudi Arabia! Shame on African leaders for helping in the Enslavement of their people!

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