January 16, 2022

26 thoughts on “Kenyans living in The Netherlands | Moving to Europe from Africa | Story Time | Kenyan vs Dutch life

  1. Hello Nimo, (and your friends), I like your presentation. It must be helping very many Kenyans. Kenyan woman myself came here for love (you put it very well). Been here 15+ years. I regret that at that time we did not present such information to you guys. Could have reduced your culture shock on landing (by .5% maybe). I will continue to watch, maybe contact you some time. Keep doing the good work!

  2. africa has so much potential. economic prosperous times are right around the corner. you should consider moving back. don't miss out the great opprotunities that are in africa

  3. every one is human so don't see the problem had and have good friends from all over the world, we all have the same thing we like.

  4. I really want to know you ladies…I am a mother of 3 boys living in the US since 1999. I go to Kenya frequently, I would be happy to do a stopover for a meetup. You ladies are doing amazing things…Let me know when you ladies want to visit the US…I love the energy

  5. I don't know why it's taken me this long to find this channel. I have been looking for 'Kenyans in Netherlands' content. Thank you so much for the content you are creating. It's definitely needed. I would love to see the two ladies again for sure; as well as other Kenyans who didn't come through love but for jobs directly or went to study etc. Mapenzi Tele!

  6. im a Dutchman that lives abroad its just nice to see how you cope with the new situation, i had the same problems here in the Philippines i live here 10 years and still dont know everything about this country but the people are the best, you never meet nicer friendlyer and more hospitable people in the world and that makes me stay, i apreciate you girls how you cope i think i learn from you aswell

  7. I am Dutch and I live in Belgium… Even I had an adaptation period.. And now I am a "Grens-geval" 😉 Not Dutch and not Flemish 😉 Something in between 🙂
    I am too an immigrant! Things are different here in Antwerpen.. And my fellow-Antwerpenaren did have misconceptions about the Dutchies! Did you feel Dutch people did have misconceptions about you being from Kenya? Did you feel misunderstood? I am curious 🙂

  8. Great informative video the point part got me😅because being straight forward is what I like today.i always shock my family members with that but I can’t take the circle game🙈love that you all come together and also to do good in your country,great topic❤️

  9. Very insightful video Nimo, yes bring the girls back I loved them! I would like to hear more about their assimilation experiences, language, work life, home life, driving, kids schooling etc how it all went any tips for "kenyans fresh off the boat" maybe do the video in swahili🙈 😂

  10. Such an informative vlog for the new babies here 🤣, i had it rough in my very first months and I was unlucky to meet bitter Kenyan’s full of just competitions but I was Lucky my husband’s big family were so accommodative and they became my first best friends. Am a year old now here….but I learnt later it’s not about just meeting, but WHO YOU MEET. I came to learn too that everyone came here on different ways, with different perspectives, different mentalities and we all live different life’s too, If you by mistake associate with those who aren’t happy about their life’s, “They gonna extend their unhappiness towards you too..” YOU WERE ALL LUCKY TO MEET SUCH SMART BEAUTIFUL SOUL’s. Thanks for the vlog sweetheart and i have start smelling the 1000subscribers from the 20’s subscribers we were❤️.

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